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Roy Pirrung Inducted into American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame

In 1980, at the age of 32, Roy Pirrung was 60 pounds overweight, smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day, and was a self-described binge drinker. He decided to take up running to help change his lifestyle. Within a year he was 60 pounds lighter, tobacco and alcohol free, and ran his first marathon, in 3:16.

The Art of Running Films

It was over year and a half ago when I volunteered as a broadcast crew member for Ultra Sports Live ( during the Gorge Waterfalls 100K and witnessed someone with a GoPro camera flying up and down the trail, filming the lead runners from behind. He wasn’t dressed in running gear and he certainly wasn’t racing, but there was no mistaking him – he was a ginger.

Overcoming Loss

As ultrarunners, we can experience loss after crossing a finish line, not finishing a race (or starting, for that matter) or not being chosen in a lottery. Because of the amount of time we invest in ultramarathons, the losses run deeper and therefore take more time to recover from. Fortunately, the healing process can turn each of us into a stronger, more determined athlete.

“Women of Hardrock” Documentary

Travel to the heights of Colorado’s San Juan Mountains for a preview of the film “Women of Hardrock.” The full length feature film by Run Steep Get High follows the women entered in the 2016 Hardrock 100 Mile Endurance Run, and will be aired on their YouTube channel this November.

2016 USATF 50K Trail National Championships Tamalpa Headlands 50K

Tamalpa Runners, Marin’s largest running club, will present the Tamalpa Headlands 50k trail race on Saturday August 27th, 2016. Designated for the second year in a row as the USATF 50K Trail National Championship, the race has attracted an outstanding elite field. The race also serves as a USA qualifier for the IAU/IAAF 2017 Trail Running World Championship.

Pearl Izumi to Exit Run Market

Pearl Izumi today announces a commitment to building on its legacy of innovation. As part of this “all in” commitment to cycling apparel and footwear the decision has been made to exit the Run business and focus completely on its core cycling business effective January of 2017.

Behind Waldo 100K

In the Cascade Mountain Range of Oregon, is a pristine alpine lake named Waldo surrounded by peaks over 7,000 feet high. Inspired by the Oregon Trail Series, a couple of cool guys set out to create a 100K race unlike any other in the state. What did they name it? Where’s Waldo, of course, with each peak offering stunning summit views of the second largest natural lake in Oregon.

The Heart of Finishing DFL

Little voices can pop up in the back of our head before the start of a race. They ask questions like, “Am I ready? Do I have what it takes?” And sometimes pipe in with, “What if I come in last?” Many might fear the thought of finishing last – vivid nightmares of a finish line being taken down upon those final steps can be daunting.

Devon Yanko and Paul Terranova win the 2015-2016 UltraRunning Race Series

Devon Yanko and Paul Terranova have won the UltraRunning Race Series Overall Ranking in its inaugural year. The Series applied a formula to score every ultra finisher at every ultra race in the 12 months ending April 24, 2016. Top scores for four races – one at each classic ultra distance – were added to tabulate every ultrarunner’s score. The talented and experienced Terranova and Yanko took different paths to the top of the rankings.

Final weekend for UltraRunning Race Series

This upcoming weekend will mark the final week of racing for the 2015-2016 UltraRunning Race Series. So far this season, results for over 1,200 North American ultras have been posted and scoring for approximately 43,000 runners have been calculated.

Max King Youth Trail Running Camp

There are a number of great running camps nation-wide that help provide kids with the fundamentals of running, including running form, nutrition, and strength training. What is harder to find is a running camp that focuses specifically on trail running

Thank A Runner Today

In the beginning, someone likely sparked your enthusiasm for running. Maybe your dad was a runner, or a favorite teacher encouraged you to join the cross country team. I’ve written countless times about how my father inspired my love of running, as I grew up watching him run marathons. But I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of a running community that embraced me as a young runner.

Love and Longevity – Part 1

Dan started running with his wife Kathy in 1980. After a brief four years running road races, they were introduced to the trails in Southern California by a group from a local running store. Not long after, Dan was invited by ultrarunning legend, Walt Johnson, to run the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim – his first ultra marathon in 1984. He finished in 12 hours and 2 minutes. Dan was hooked.

Tom Johnson Inducted Into American Ultrarunning Hall Of Fame

Tom Johnson can lay claim to the most unusual athletic background of any elite American ultrarunner–perhaps any American ultrarunner, period. In college at the University of California at Davis, he was a member of the championship polo team. No, not the kind you play in the water. The kind you play astride a horse, wielding a mallet. And his eventual evolution into an ultrarunner came by way of equestrianism.

2015 National Endurance Sports Summit (NESS)

While it’s easy to convince ourselves that only super humans can climb the Seven Summits and complete Badwater Quads (584 miles back and forth from Badwater Basin to the summit of Mount Whitney), the endurance athletes we met at the 2nd annual National Endurance Sports Summit (NESS), hosted by Team U at Princeton University, reminded us that when one has the will, there’s most often a way.

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