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Carry Ultrarunning Magazine In Your Store!

The sport of ultra running is growing by 20% per year, and UltraRunning magazine is the voice of the sport®, since 1981. Ultrarunners are extreme achievers who go beyond in their recreational and fitness endeavors. Associating your store with UltraRunning will elevate your profile and credibility.

UltraRunning magazine subscribers are active and engaged. They run 52 miles per week, earn $126,000 per year and spend over $900 annually on running and related gear (based on our 2019 reader survey.) Ultrarunners also enjoy biking, hiking, camping, backpacking and paddle sports.


Ultrarunning Magazine Retail Store Program


UltraRunning magazine has 10 issues per year, the retailer selects how many copies (usually 6 to 24) they wish to carry, and they are shipped that number each issue. Retail partners will also be listed in the “find a retailer” section for added visibility.


The retailer buys each magazine for $3.00 and re-sells them for $8.00 (the UPC and cover price is $8.00.)