Old School Ultras keep us coming back year after year. Every runner is welcomed at aid stations and finish lines by a community that embraces the culture of ultrarunning. What is the culture of ultrarunning? Some might say it’s a celebration of the final finishers or the volunteers who return to a race each year to spend their time supporting runners. Whatever it is, these races have it.

UltraRunning wants to recognize those races that have continued to embrace their runners, volunteers and community with open arms over the last few decades. We have hand-selected a group of ultramarathons that celebrate the race culture cultivated by the sport of ultrarunning: Old School Ultras.

What is “old school”?

We define old school as a race with the following:

  • Has a long history in the sport
  • Encourages and supports ultrarunners of all abilities
  • Curates a roster of volunteers that help each and every ultrarunner to the best of their ability
  • Gives back to the local community via non-profit donations, trail work, etc.
  • Understands the importance of maintaining the culture of the sport of ultrarunning by communicating with registered runners and community in a transparent manner

2024 Races