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UltraRunning May/June 2020

  • Hydrogels: Hype or Hydration?
  • Laura Chancellor’s 100-Mile Journey
  • Pioneer Spirit 50
  • So Much More Than Racing
  • Hydration Packs for Every Body
  • The Birth of the JFK 50
  • A Single-Track Gem: The Ruby Crest Trail
2020 Canceled Events

Due to COVID-19, there are a number of ultra events that are being canceled. We are updating this spreadsheet as we hear about cancellations or postponements.

A Race That Almost Wasn’t: EVERGLADES ULTRAS

Twenty minutes before the race orientation meeting was to begin, a message was received from the state capital in Tallahassee that every special event being held in Florida State Parks was to be shut down and canceled, effective immediately.

You Do You

In these crazy times it’s important to just do you—whether that’s running 5ks on the roads or 50-milers in the mountains. I’m a long way away from being in ultramarathon endurance shape. But that’s okay because I’m enjoying what I’m doing, and you should be too.


We had just heard about this really cool challenge inspired by David Goggins, where people run 4 miles every 4 hours, for 48 hours. We quickly came up with our own variation that included a 100-mile twist: we would run 4 miles every 4 hours, until we hit 100 miles.

Shawnee Backpack Loop FKT

Like several runners in the trail running community, I decided that this was the perfect time to go after an FKT. I settled on the Shawnee State Forest Backpack Loop, a 38-mile trail loop in southern Ohio that has over 8,000 ft of vert – enough elevation that Shawnee State Forest is known as Ohio’s “Little Smokies.”

Behind the Lens: Nick Presniakov

It’s not often that you find a dehydrated and perhaps, still hallucinating ultrarunner who just spent a full day running 100 miles rushing off to clean up in order to get back to the finish line and cheer on other racers. Arguably even less frequently, do you find the outright winner of a 100-miler hustling to get his camera to snap shots of runners coming through the final chute of glory as the “golden hour” of the race approaches.

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