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UltraRunning July/August 2020

  • Dewayne Satterfield: The Rare Heart of The South
  • Training Without A Race
  • The Future of Trail Running
  • Racing Through A Quarantine
  • Maintaining Fitness During Detraining
  • Following in The Footsteps of Latimer
“The Warriors” Cult Film Inspires Race Through NYC

The Warriors UltraRun stands as one of the most unique road races in the country and allows runners to recreate the escape route from the iconic 1979 cult film “The Warriors” by Walter Hill, wherein a street gang is framed for a murder and must race through the dangerous streets of NYC in order to reach their home turf in Coney Island.

Bryce Canyon 100: Keeping it Safe

Like most of the world, the COVID-19 pandemic hit us hard – as people, as a company and as members of the racing industry. As the shelter-in-place orders continued, we realized that waiting this out wasn’t an option. The Bryce Ultras at the end of May was our first opportunity to see if there was a way to hold races during the pandemic while also keeping our runners and staff safe.

Candice Burt’s Unsupported Tahoe Rim Trail FKT

Originally Candice Burt had planned to spend the week before her next race, the Badwater 135, adapting to the heat in the Badwater Basin, but with Badwater’s official cancellation, she instead spent a week at altitude in Lake Tahoe for her new goal: the 171-mile Tahoe Rim Trail unsupported fastest known time.

Strawberry Fields Forever 30 Hours

Were it not for the circumstances of the pandemic, I would never have been shopping around for a race, but fate brought me together with the Strawberry Fields Forever 30 Hours in North Bonneville, Washington, near the Columbia River. It turned out to be a wonderfully well run and satisfying ultra with just 3,200 feet of elevation gain.

Are Virtual Races the New Normal?

At the end of the day, whatever it takes to preserve our sanity and keep us moving is a good thing. And maybe, just maybe, when all this is over, our running community will have gained a few members for life from this surge in virtual races.

Running for Those Who Can’t: Verna Volker

During the long summer days, the sun rises before 5 a.m. in Minneapolis, Minnesota, home to the hardworking mother of four, founder of Native Women Running and ultrarunner, Verna Volker. She heads out the door for her daily morning ritual: a run towards the rising sun.

Blue Collar Runners: Margaret Smith

Just 10 years prior to finishing third at the Laurel Highlands Ultra in Pennsylvania, alcohol was slowly killing Margaret Smith, and she knew she needed a change. So she joined the United States Army. It was the best decision she’s ever made.

Review: Topo Athletic Zephyr and Ultrafly 3

This spring, Topo released two road shoes that, at first glance, look remarkably similar but have significant distinctions in their midsole construction to place them in different training categories. The Ultrafly 3 is an update to a well-established everyday trainer, while the Zephyr is a new model built for moving fast with increased responsiveness.

A Lesson in Ultra Economics

I lasted one quarter at Ohio University. During this time, I learned which liquor stores would accept my fake ID and which bars served freshmen. Everything else is a bit fuzzy. I do, however, recall something my professor said on the one day I actually attended my Introduction to Economics class—because he used beer and pizza as his example.

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