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UltraRunning July 2019

  • The Barkley Marathons
  • 10 Times: A Western States Retrospective
  • We Need to Talk About Sleep
  • Training for the Flatlanders
  • Lake Sonoma
  • Nikki Kimball: Always a Runner

Aging speaks to the push-pull of feelings Nikki Kimball has experienced over the past decade in terms of her performance – what it has meant to slow down, and whether is it possible to come to grips with and even find redemption in this fact.

The Train Depot in Garnett, Kansas

The Prairie Spirit Trail Ultra 100 Mile in eastern Kansas is a rails-to-trails course that follows an old route of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad through the small town of Garnett. A brick depot building, built in 1934, serves as a key aid station halfway between the race start in Ottawa and Iola.


The second member of the COROS global watch family (along with the Pace), the Apex is best known for its hefty battery life. Compared to the Pace, the Apex has been given a facelift sporting a sleek new design in addition to new features such as navigation, fitness tracking, and sleep tracking.

Ice Age Trail 50: Family Reunion at the Finish Line

The scene in the finish area of the Ice Age Trail 50 is a living expression of what most of us love about the ultrarunning community. Runners and spectators alike welcome the finishers – and those who didn’t make it – as they would a friend or family member. If you’re wearing a bib, someone is looking after you.

Promise Land 50K: 19 Years, No Changes

The advent of spring is the Promise Land 50K. This year it was even more so with all of the rain. The streams were full and the leaves in the lower elevations were an eye-popping green.

First Look: Topo Athletic MT-3

In the past, the MT has been equally comfortable on the road or trail, but updates to the new version shift it more squarely into the trail category. Two key trail-specific updates are additional cushioning in the midsole, and a redesigned upper with increased durability and drainage capacity.

Bryce Canyon 100: Turning Around My Low

I registered for the Bryce Canyon 100 as a training run. My only concrete plan was to run hard. But at the start of the second loop I instantly felt sick on the first climb. I had two equally discouraging choices: quit or hike 40 miles.

Blue Collar Runners: Jacky Hunt-Broersma

In 2001, Jacky discovered a lump on her leg. One week after her diagnosis, she was in surgery having her leg amputated. “Looking back now, it sounds really weird but I’m kind of glad it happened. It puts life in perspective, you appreciate things more. I just think I’m a better person because of what happened.”

Riverlands 100 in the Maine Forest

Only in its third year, race directors Valerie Abradi and Mindy Slovinsky have put together an ultra event with an old-school feeling and lots of down home charm that will simultaneously delight and challenge you. Riverlands is a great up-and-coming destination race. Put it on your calendar before the word gets out.

Heat and a Course Record at KEYS100

For years, the consensus had been that Mike Morton’s 100-mile record, set in 2012, was invincible. But this year, Brett Sanborn beat it by 12 minutes in an astounding 13:20:18. Given that it was a very hot weekend with minimal cloud cover, Brett’s performance was all the more remarkable.

Six Moon Designs Flight 30 Pack

A frameless, large capacity pack designed for fast packing or light overnight excursions, the Flight 30 has a great deal of adjustability and customization of fit, and excellent cargo available within arm’s reach during activity.

Trail Work: Doing Our Part

As the population continues to grow and people turn towards more active and healthier lifestyles, it’s only natural that trails are going to attract more people. We need to lead by example by continuing to volunteer. Let’s work together to build, restore and maintain our public lands and trails—for our own enjoyment, and future generations to come.

Hellbender 100: A Different Perspective

The second annual Hellbender 100-Miler turned out to be a huge learning experience for me. Two weeks prior to race day I made a comment on Facebook about how the attention of a race should not always be on the front runners, but on those at the back of the pack. This race would hit home for me what my comment really meant.

Pamela Chapman Markle: Stronger and Faster

Pam Chapman Markle entered the world of ultramarathoning in 2011 at age 55. As a certified registered nurse anesthetist for over 35 years, she had been working with a physician who encouraged her to sign up for an ultra.

Hiking the Continental Divide Trail

As a mountain lover, the Continental Divide Trail (CDT) had tremendous appeal. The idea of connecting the mountain and high desert ranges through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana was irresistible.

A Marathon Can Rev Up Your Ultrarunning

As I considered the apples-to-oranges comparison between road marathons and mountain ultras, I wondered. What if, instead of trying to be the marathon runner I used to be, I embraced the tougher, heavier, more truck-like ultrarunner I’ve become?

Spring Trail Shades for Every Budget

As days get longer and brighter, it’s important to protect your eyes from harmful glare and other elements. This spring we’ve been using three models that combine classic styling with the necessary protection you need.

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