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UltraRunning October 2018

  • Fall Shoe Review
  • Coree Woltering Helps Re-Define the Sport
  • Caffeine and Endurance
  • Run an Aid Station Like a Pro
  • Am I an Ultrarunner?
  • Issues Facing the Sport: Some Interesting Questions
Fall Shoe Review 2018

This season’s batch of shoes were tested in Coastal California’s rolling trails and steep wilderness areas, as well as throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Colorado Rockies, wet Pacific Northwest forests and technical New England terrain.

A First at Cuyamaca 100K

With my history of previously failed 100k attempts, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect at the Cuyamaca 100K this past Saturday. In 2016, I succumbed to an injury just one week prior to the Gorge Waterfalls 100K. In 2017, I didn’t make the cutoff at mile 50 of the Gorge. And just this past May, I missed the start of the Miwok 100K due to a downed telephone pole. I was hoping the fourth time would be a charm.

Fall Sock Roundup 2018

Cool weather and muddy trails can be a runner’s heaven, but they require a bit more toughness from your socks. We’ve been testing the following styles, any of which are well suited for your autumn trail adventures.

My First Ultra: Out of Spite

What’s the most epic thing you’ve ever done out of spite? For me, it was my first ultra. Being told I couldn’t do something when all the facts agreed that I would fail – and doing it anyway – was so me.

Lhotse 200: Reality-Bending

Running 50 miles will change your life and running 100 miles will rewire your brain. But what happens when you run twice as far as the 100-mile distance? Running 200 miles will not only reshape your mind…it will bend your reality.

UrbanICT: City at Night

The inaugural UrbanICT 50K and 50-mile race was held in Wichita, Kansas under the full moon. This unique race had a 9 p.m. Friday start time.

Thirty Minutes 
Is All It Takes

Training for ultramarathons is hard work. It requires a huge commitment of time and energy to prepare yourself to run – maybe even race – up to 100 miles. Fifty-mile training weeks, punctuated with at least one long run of 20 or more miles, are the staple of the ultrarunner.

Burning River 100: Mind Over Matter

I had a calm confidence I could traverse the entire Burning River 100. While I knew my training had not been optimal, I felt showing up healthy and gutting it out would provide the opportunity for success. I could walk if I ran out of gas… How dangerous a thought this was.

Mountain Running Series at Mt. Bachelor

As the last stop in the Under Armour Mountain Running Series, the 50K at Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort was the perfect event to kick off fall racing season in Central Oregon. With morning temperatures hovering around 30 degrees, runners had no choice but to don their winter gear at the 7 a.m. start.

When a Search-and-Rescue 
Hits Close to Home

The sound of a helicopter circling over our property near Telluride, Colorado, filled my ears for several days straight. The sight of teams of volunteers dressed in hiking gear, fanning out in the aspen groves and bushwhacking off trail while shouting, “Tim,” pulled at my heart.

Black Hills 100: Relentless

“Relentless” is a word that gets tossed around a lot by folks who have run Black Hills, and the Centennial trail certainly fits the description. Is the Centennial more relentless than you?

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