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UltraRunning December 2017 /January 2018

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • The Skinny on Skimo
  • Coming Back to Ultrarunning in Later Years
  • Rx for Post-Race Blues
  • Self-Supported Long Runs
  • Run Rabbit Run
  • Our Favorite Things

The North Face Ventrix Jacket
The debut vehicle for The North Face’s new Ventrix material, which provides dynamic insulation that increases ventilation when you’re active, and retains heat when you’re going slower.
Triple Crown of 200’s Champion
The Triple Crown of 200’s is awarded to the fastest runner who completes the three original non-repetitive 200-mile trail running courses in the U.S. in under three months. This year’s winner, Mike McKnight, went and elevated the definition of extreme ultrarunning without giving in to the pain he’s worked so hard to push through.
Hawk Hundred: Photographer Communications
My husband and photography partner Rick Mayo and I went our separate ways after the start of the Hawk Hundred, a 100- and 50-mile trail race hosted by the Lawrence Trail Hawks, to capture photographs of the runners in various states of suffering and euphoria.
Burning Man Ultra
Are you the kind of runner seeking races that run past flaming pieces of art, kissing booths, tutus, epic sunrises, dust storms, costumed dancers and people offering you champagne, rum, cigarettes and whiskey? If you answered YES, you belong at the Burning Man Ultramarathon.
Sandra Villines’ North American Transcontinental World Record
Confucius say: “Man who moves mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” The mountain Sandra Villines moved was the female world record for the North American transcontinental run. That record had been immovably standing since 1978, when South African Mavis Hutchinson ran from Los Angeles to New York City in 69 days.
2017 The Running Event Recap
Ultrarunning Magazine just returned from The Running Event (TRE), an annual industry trade show that provides sneak peeks of all the cool things in the product pipeline from various manufacturers. Below is just a sampling of the gear we’re waiting to put to the test in 2018.
CT Trailmixers Fall Fling 400: One More Loop!
The runner turns the final corner and sees the start/finish area. Cowbells clang and shouts reach through the cold New England air. “One more loop!” the spectators cry again. “One more loop!” This is the spirit of the Fall Fling 400 presented by the CT Trailmixers trail running club at YMCA Camp Sloper in central Connecticut.
Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events 50K
I started the Willamette Headwaters Endurance Events (WHEE Run) to share one of my favorite trials and also as a fundraiser for local charities. The trail has everything I love: technical footing, hills and lots of awesome scenery.
Heartland 100: Walking the Razor’s Edge
The old Mark Twain saying, “If you don’t like the weather… just wait a few minutes,” is often bandied about in spring and fall. But a particular October cold front that draped across the Great Plains the day of the running of Heartland 100 in Cassoday, Kansas took that saying to the extreme.
The Scoreboard Is an Imposter
We have scoreboards in our minds that have our mileage or time goals posted prominently on them. We frequently determine victory or defeat, success or failure, solely on whether our final result meets or exceeds the goals that we posted on our scoreboards prior to the race. The scoreboard though, is not a true or definitive indicator of how well or how poorly a team (or ultrarunner) played (ran) in any given game (race).
Journey of Redemption: Superior Fall 100
The world has felt unmoored lately… loosed from its tethers, drifting, unrecognizable at times. We seek to understand events we cannot fathom, to find the meaning behind natural and man-made chaos, to go through the closed plate-glass windows of friends who are suffering too much to reach out for help. Teasing out our place in the shifting patterns of things, we return, so inevitably, to the certainty of the woods and long trails.
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