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UltraRunning November 2018

  • Behind the Lens by Scott Rokis
  • Reigniting Your Passion by Ellie Greenwood
  • New Moms and Ultrarunning by Meredith Terranova
  • Changing of the Guard by John Trent
  • More Racing? by Travis Macy
  • The Ultramarathon Juggling Act by Cory Reese
2018 Trail Running Film Festival

The Trail Running Film Festival has grown to include a nation wide tour that showcases two hours of the top films to inspire and cultivate current and future trail running athletes. Join the tour at any of the 40+ cities through the end of December.

Rockin’ Rockwoods: The Best Kind of Medicine

If I could complete a 33-mile race 25 days after being diagnosed with cancer and nine days before surgery when I am physically fine but feeling raw, fearful and vulnerable, maybe cancer really doesn’t stand a chance.

The Gift of the Bear 100

The Bear is a masterpiece in ultrarunning – a true point-to-point 100-mile race. With all the trouble the course throws at you, it’s constantly eclipsed by the natural beauty and fall colors of the Rocky Mountains.


The phone rang and on the other line was John Medinger. “Hey Karl, so we’re thinking about selling the magazine and this is my first call. What do you think?” It was April 2013 and I was sitting in my office, looking forward to how I would spend the next year – not working. After 17 tumultuous but great years in the hotel business I was exiting and my last day was May 1. As a goal-setter, my only plan was to not work.

Never Summer 100K: Take My Breath Away

When I saw the pictures and videos of the Never Summer 100K race, I knew I had to run there. Every year I like to run a destination race somewhere beautiful. Never Summer in remote mountains of Northern Colorado captivated me with its stunning beauty, and became my epic ultra for 2018.

The Number One Issue Facing Our Sport

California is experiencing its worst fire season in the state’s history. And by some indications this is the new normal. The problem of clean air is hardly unique to California. It’s a global issue. Fixing this problem is not going to happen in our lifetime, and perhaps not in our children’s lifetime unless more is done.

Facing the Reaper and Sticking Up Two Fingers

I started running less than two years ago shortly after my 49th birthday, and being diagnosed with hypertension and borderline diabetes. I lost both breasts to cancer in 2015 and was told I’d need eight more operations. By 2016, I had enough of being unhealthy and overweight, so I decided that life had to change.

Yeti Snakebite 50K: Punk Rock and Old-School Rap

Yeti Snakebite is put on by Jason Green, a punk-rock-loving skateboarder who decided to start his own trail army, the Yeti Trail Runners. Race information is sparse, curse words are prolific and if Fireball and vodka-soaked pickles at aid stations offend your senses, his races are not for you.

Pine to Palm 100: Help Along the Way

This was by far the toughest 100-miler I’ve ever been in, but I was more determined than ever to finish. I’m grateful to my friends, fellow runners, and volunteers that got me there.

Fall Shoe Review 2018

This season’s batch of shoes were tested in Coastal California’s rolling trails and steep wilderness areas, as well as throughout the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Colorado Rockies, wet Pacific Northwest forests and technical New England terrain.

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