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We Must Acknowledge a Problem

I’m a young girl. In sport. And nearly four years after the diagnosis of my eating disorder, I am finally healed enough to discuss it. We’ve all come to a realization that it is time for the broken system to mend. But how?

Winning Nutrition at Big’s Backyard

For 60 hours, Maggie Guterl lined up ready to start either a 4.166667-mile trail or road loop every hour, on the hour. But what happened in those furious 9-12 minutes between each finish leading up to the next start, tells an incredible story of teamwork with some gold star skills.

Essential Recovery Nutrition

After finishing your long run, hard effort workout or morning run that lasts over 90 minutes, what’s the first thing you think about? Let’s all admit that unless you’ve developed a good routine, getting in a balanced meal or recovery drink is sometimes not the first priority.

The Role of Protein During Exercise

During exercise, we typically think of carbohydrates and fats as our main sources of fuel, while protein is associated with recovery. Today, many sports nutrition bars, gels and drinks contain branched-chain amino acids (a special subset of amino acids) or protein. If we aren’t using protein to help muscles continue to make energy and contract, then what is protein doing in those supplements? Is there a role for protein during exercise? Let’s take a look.

Fueling on Beets, Beer and Tang

In his 50th year with more 100-mile wins than many will ever even attempt to run, Karl Meltzer’s nutrition plan is one to take note of. From the outside, folks probably think he spends his days sipping on Speedgoat Blend coffee, Red Bull, and maybe a beer or two. Fortunately, I got an inside look at how his real nutrition shapes his success.

Tim Tollefson: I Love Food

There are many approaches to nutrition with the goal of getting to similar destinations: feeling your best every day, running well, recovering quickly, and staying healthy long-term. I have always been fascinated by what people are actually putting on their plate, why they make their choices, and what works for them.

Injury Risk and Prevention in Novice Runners

Why do some people get injured and others don’t? It seems like this simple enough question would be solved by sports scientists, especially when it comes to new runners. However, injury prevention for novice runners is a topic that is much discussed but not well understood.

Fitting our Genes

Our love for trail running is in our genes. Our bodies evolved to make us the best endurance runners on Earth, to share cooked meals, and to be outside in nature. From these roots, running, wholesome food, and being in nature hone our genes’ expression for wellness and well being.

Sleep and the Ultrarunner

Recently, the importance of sleep has had a bit of renaissance. Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington wrote a book called The Sleep Revolution, corporate offices have invested in nap spaces and new technology offers numerous ways to track your sleep patterns. Sleep is in, so does the science support the recent hype?

Showing Up At the Start Line

I am not much of an ultrarunner anymore but running on trails is in my blood! This story started 24 years ago on April 24, 1993 when I was one of 60 starters who ran the 1st battle of the Bull Run Run 50 Miler put on by the Virginia Happy Trails Running Club. VHTRC members, that included Ed Demoney, Anstr Davidson, Joe Clapper, Chris Scott, Scotty Mills, and others, created a race that would attract large numbers of ultrarunners over the years.

Superfoods for the Ultrarunner

These are foods that have been around for centuries in other cultures and have recently become more mainstream with the American public. They can now be found in most major supermarkets nationwide. Calling a food a superfood means it offers additional health benefits. This article will discuss the superfood, what it can do in regards to exercise and how to incorporate it into your routine.

Ultrarunning and Vegetarianism

What do Michael Wardian, Sage Canaday, Ellie Greenwood, Yassine Diboun, Aliza Lapierre and Adam Chase have in common? Yes, they’re all elite ultra marathon runners who have raced consistently at a world-class level, but they are also all long-term vegetarians.

Fat Burning: A How-to Guide

We have become a society of carb burners. That is where sports nutrition has been for the past couple of decades. Of the two main food sources the body uses for energy, carbohydrates and fats, our working muscles would prefer carbs because they create ATP (energy) faster. They are “easier” to convert into energy.

What it Takes to…Outrun the Sun

The sun is barely up as fifty-odd runners gather for the Fort Ordnance 100K in Monterey, CA. The gun fires and they patter off, mentally setting their sights on the finish line 62 miles away. For one runner this race from dawn to dusk, literally outrunning the sun, is one she’s been on her whole life.

Cutting-Edge Research

A novel new addition to race week at this year’s Western States Endurance Run was the first-ever Medicine & Science in Ultra-Endurance Sports Conference. Medical research is one of the three pillars of the Western States Foundation Mission, and the formulation of a research conference in conjunction with the race has been in the works for several years.

Read Those Labels

Nutritionists often talk about reading labels, encouraging you to look for healthy ingredients and recognizable foods that are close to…

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