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UltraRunning July 2017

  • Shaking It Out With Topher Gaylord by Mario Fraioli
  • Barkley Marathons by “Laz” Cantrell, RD
  • From Desperation to Salvation by Robert Plagmann
  • Hill Training for Flatlanders by Travis Macy
  • How to Run in an Inferno by Dean Karnazes
  • The Joy of the Ultra Community by Ellie Greenwood
  • Weight and Resistance Training by Ann Trason

The Rise of Ultra-Endurance Sports
Four years ago, Shalini Kovach experienced a proverbial ah-ha moment. Kovach, who had made a career in fashion design and merchandising, was working with one of her biggest accounts when she overheard a woman complaining about the results of a recent eyelift. The conversation catalyzed an objective examination of her world — a “whole world of Prada and Gucci,” as she put it — and made her realize that perhaps she was chasing a dream she didn’t really want.
Course Records Fall at FANS 6-12-24 Hour Races
For the last several years the weather gods have frowned upon the FANS 6·12·24 Hour Race, sending us wind, rain, and demoralization. On the 4th and 5th of June we had a total of 0.06” of spritzy rain, overcast skies, one wind gust of 25 mph, and a high of 73°. The field of 141 runners and walkers took advantage.
Why 100?
In a sport where race courses span from sweltering desert sand to 14,000-foot mountain peaks, ultrarunners often choose to tackle the 100-mile distance once, if not multiple times each year. But what is it about running 100 miles that’s so tempting?
True Adventure from Disaster: Search and Rescue Adventure Race
True adventure from a disaster scene: scrabbling up mountains, crossing deep waters, climbing waterfalls, bushwalking, and running endurance distances, all while self-supported, sums up the 3rd Annual Search and Rescue Adventure Race hosted by The Lost Tribe Expeditions. Three words captured the whole spirit of the race: “Adapt and Overcome.”
Running In, And For, Patagonia
by Nick Barraza This year’s Patagonian International Ultra-Marathon was nothing short of magical. Combining the natural elegance and wonder of Torres del Paine in Chilean Patagonia with eco-conservation initiatives in the area, the event attracted over 740 runners
Stepping Up To Ultra
My seatmate asked what was bringing me to Chicago. “I’m going to run the marathon,” I informed him. “Wow,” he…
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