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Running Camp with Bronco Billy & Speedgoat
With summer fading into a distant memory, you may already be reminiscing about sitting around the campfire under the stars. No matter what your age, those memories of being outside next to the crackling fire never seem to fade. Now imagine you’ve just finished a full day of running camp with Jeff Browning aka “Bronco Billy” and Karl “Speedgoat” Meltzer.
Run, Rabbit, Run announces the Rabbit Cup; additional $100,000 in prize purse
The Run, Rabbit, Run 50 and 100 Mile Endurance Runs Presented by Altra is pleased to announce the creation of the inaugural $100,000 Run, Rabbit, Run “Rabbit Cup” to be held in September 14 and 15, 2018 in Steamboat Springs, Colorado to be run at the distance of 100 miles. Coupled with the Run, Rabbit, Run’s existing $65,000 purse, Altra’s Run, Rabbit, Run 100 mile run will offer a total purse of $165,000, making it by far the largest trail ultra purse in the world.
Thoughts Before and After My First 50-Miler
Do I trust myself to do the training, to put in the hours required? To show up for myself, even if that means pulling the plug when my ego really doesn’t want to? Do I trust myself to not listen to the brain when it says “Stop!” when it is only pain, and not actually debilitating? Do I trust myself to know the difference?
Grizzled Veterans and the Stupidly Stubborn
The ninth annual Psycho Psummer 50K had its share of problems leading up to race day. Constant weekly storms, dumping more than twice the normal average rainfall from March to July, caused indecent amounts of verdant foliage to strangle the trails, and also caused large trees to topple.
2015 HURL Elkhorn – The Heat is On
Monday, July 27, five days until race day, the high temperature in Helena, Montana was 63 degrees with 0.45 inches of rain. Saturday, August 1, race day, the high temperature in Helena, Montana was 97 degrees, with only a few tiny puffy clouds interrupting Montana’s big sky.
76 ½ Hours around Lake Tahoe
We were 170 miles into the race and had just made the decision to try for a Top 10 position, something I hadn’t even considered until a friend suggested it one month earlier. She and her husband, who successfully completed this run last year, had taken me on training runs in Tahoe and had a good sense of my capabilities.
Two Wrongs Make It Alright
Two days in a row I couldn’t find the trailhead I was looking for. The first day I wasted almost two hours driving around looking for one. When I parked and thought I found the beginning of a trail, I ended up hiking a figure-8 around my car, wasting another twenty minutes down promising yet misleading paths.
Ask Ann: Key Lessons
I have always loved being a student of the sport—reading, asking questions, trying new things and learning what worked for me. I have been fortunate to have had several coaches who helped fill in gaps in the complex puzzle we call ultrarunning. Your question gets me thinking about the one who did the most to make me the runner and coach I am. Here are 17 lessons I learned from my favorite coach.
Eric Schultz and Ashley Nordell win the 28th Annual Angeles Crest 100.
This year’s run was very challenging to put on. All time record heavy rains in the San Gabriel Mountains caused mud and rock slides on the Angeles Crest (Hwy 2) and CalTrans closed off our access to the 1st 25 miles of our run until mid August. However, CalTrans worked diligently to try to open the road and managed to re-open Hwy 2 before race weekend.
Race Reports
Here at UltraRunning, we get all sorts of race reports, and they have always been a key part of the magazine. Amongst our team, we read and edit each one at least five times in all—so we really appreciate the good ones. The stories that entertain, inform and educate. We want to bring the races alive for you, and inspire you to get out there and get after it yourself—to overcome challenges and have life-changing experiences you can only find at ultras. Nothing fits that bill like a great race report and photos.
The Evolution of the Modern Aid Station
Today’s aid stations, especially at majors like Western States, are staffed by folks who are often veteran ultrarunners, have decades of experience and are as skilled as they come at meeting runners’ needs.
Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
I’m not an avid reader of poetry, but the words in this Dylan Thomas poem have always resonated with me, and I think they express what I’ve done and what I continue to attempt to do in my ultrarunning. At various times over the years, my best friend has admonished me about my approach to my running and racing, and has pointed out an old adage: “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” If that bears fruit, then I guess most, if not all, ultrarunners are insane, or damn close to it.
Finger Lakes 50: Can’t Get Any Muddier!
I’ve been associated with the Finger Lakes 50s Trail Races for about 10 years, either running, volunteering or directing, and I thought the 2014 race was the muddiest year ever. So muddy that I didn’t think it could get any worse. I was wrong. With above average snowfall this past winter and relentless rain in the Finger Lakes region this year, the 27th annual running of the races was the muddiest by far.
A Family Affair : SOB
On a high mountain ridgeline, early morning rays glance off your face as you stride over undulating single-track with never-ending views. Perfection. This is the setting of the Siskiyou Out Back Trail Runs (SOB). Starting and finishing only 30 minutes from downtown Ashland, OR, atop the Siskiyou Crest, all three races (15k, 50k, and 50-mile) traverse west along the backbone of the range and return to the Mt. Ashland lodge.
Road Races to Improve Trail Running
I’ll admit I have a bias on this topic, since when I first started running ultras in 2005, I also got hooked on road marathons. However, one thing I noticed was how effectively sub-ultra road races prepared me for many aspects of longer races.
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