Preliminary Results for the 2016-2017 UltraRunning Race Series


This past weekend marked the final week of racing for the 2016-2017 UltraRunning Race Series. So far this season, results for over 1,300 North American ultras have been posted and scoring for 53,294 runners have been calculated. In recent weeks we have seen many different leaders; each one jockeying for top honors in their regional age group.

View Preliminary Results

Prizes will be given to the top 3 male and female runners in each age group and region – for a total over 378 individual winners. This couldn’t have been possible without the support of the series sponsors who have collectively donated prizes valued at $75,000.

In the Overall category (the ranking of top scorers regardless of region or age), the top male and female winners will have an opportunity to claim a Western States 100 entry. If the top winners do not claim the entry, or are already entered, we will continue down the list until the entry is claimed.

Upon completion of the series this will be the schedule:

  • May 3rd-7th: Runners to submit corrections/additions
  • May 8th: Final winners announced
  • May 10th-15th: Winners claim their prizes on UltraRunning Race Series site
  • May 22nd: Prizes begin shipping

We are thankful to the 2016-2017 series sponsors including Spike Free, Vespa, Drymax Socks, Amphipod and NipEaze.


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