Bracy and Hammond named #8 2019 UltraRunners of the Year


Addie Bracy

Addie Bracy checks in as number eight in 2019. Bracy had a strong and consistent year, with podium finishes at Way Too Cool, Lake Sonoma 50 and The North Face Endurance Challenge. She also won the Quad Rock 50 and was ninth at Western States. Bracy lives in Boulder, Colorado, with her partner Corey, and recently completed a graduate program in sports and performance psychology at the University of Denver. – John Medinger. Photo: Paul Nelson

2019 Race Results


Race Time Place
Bandera 10:18:48 5
Way Too Cool 3:54:50 2
Lake Sonoma 7:27:57 3
Quad Rock 9:09:22 1
Western States 19:53:38 9
TNF Endurance Challenge – SF 7:39:31 3

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond is the eighth ranked runner in the 2019 UROY voting. In a busy year, Hammond won four minor races and finished fifth at Western States. He also posted a swift 12:35 100-mile split at the Desert Solstice Invitational. Hammond lives in Millcreek, Utah, with his wife, Annie, and son, Tom. – John Medinger. Photo: Paul Nelson

2019 Race Results

Race Time Place
Jackpot 13:05:00 1
Prairie Spirit Trail 8:34:56 1
Western States 15:36:12 5
UTMB (France) 27:43:56 60
Run Rabbit Run dnf
Riverlands 17:37:28 1
Dugway Trail 4:13:57 1
Desert Solstice (100 split) 12:35:18
Desert Solstice (24 hr) 100 6


  1. I wonder why you feel the need to state the women’s results by using “Place” and “Gender Place” and not the men’s. The gender place IS the place. Their “overall standing” is detracting from the purpose and entirely unnecessary.

    Despite what some may think, the men and women are not competing against one another. There are two races occurring simultaneously and this continued fixation/default to the overall standing does a disservice to our sport.

    If you are going to categorize it this way then at least be consistent. I wonder what “Gender Place” Mark was at UTMB for example? If I truly cared (which I’m sure most don’t) I could look that up. I would encourage you to remove this and be consistent.


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