Ask Ann: Other Little Things


Dear Ann –

Of all the ‘other things’ than just running to train and prepare for & racing ultras, what single thing should one add to one’s regimen?

Thanks, Gale


Dear Gale,

I could not stop with just one single thing. The best I could do is the following – Ann’s list of little ultra nothings that make a difference in a successful ultra run.

1. The training secret: Sleep.

2. The ultimate training secret: More Sleep.

3. It is a team sport (really): Be kind to your crew, pacer & family.

4. Stop wasting your time: Hard training without easy recovery is a waste of time – Fitness = adaptations that occur during recovery from training stress…no recovery, no improved fitness.

5. Just another day: Race day is just another (well-rested) day on the trails.

6. Use the tried and true, not something new on race day.

7. Even if the shoes fit…Foot pain? Toes jamming? Try adjusting your shoelaces.

8. Ice is your friend: in your bottle; in your bladder; in your bra; in your kerchief; in your hat.

9. You can’t bank time, but you sure can waste it.

10. Early on ask: “can I really maintain this pace all the way to the finish line?” If the answer is no, why are you going so fast: SLOW DOWN.

11. Grab and go: Have someone fill you bladder/ bottles while you fill a small plastic bag with food and grab a drink, then head out and eat on the go.

12. One minute rule: One minute per aid station is the goal. Assign a crew member to call out to you every 30 seconds you’re in the station.

I challenge you Gale to come up with your own list. The longer your own list is, the more successful you will be!


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Ann Trason is a 14-time women’s champion at the Western States 100, and set World Records at the 50-mile (5:40:18 in 1991), 100K (7:00:47, 1995), 12-Hour (91 miles 1312 yards, 1991) and 100-mile (13:47:42, 1991) distances. Ann was co- director of the Firetrails 50 in northern California for 10 years, and has taught science at the college level. Ann currently coaches middle school cross country and supports other's ultrarunning achievements by volunteering, pacing and crewing at ultramarathon races throughout the Western US.

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  1. Francisco Marin on

    Dear Ann thanks a lot for your help , I really enjoy your articles and try to use all your advices l, you have a Fan in Venezuela where ultra running is a new sport growing, cheers and happy trails