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Revellion Short Sleeve Wool Base Layer

An exquisitely comfortable, buttery soft form-fitting wool base layer from Revellion, an artisanal wool company who produce top end products in low batches. This base layer is part of Revellion’s limited spring collection released in May 2017.

Second Skin Men’s 2-in-1 Stretch Woven Shorts

A combination compression garment and traditional shell shorts from Second Skin, a new performance apparel line from Dick’s Sporting Goods. They feature supportive and dynamic compression that allows full range of motion, but these shorts don’t cool or ventilate as effectively as most ultrarunners will like for extended efforts.

Brooks PureGrit 6 first look

This summer Brooks updates its popular PureGrit series, which combines natural biomechanics with protective features to help you push the pace. The PureGrit 6 features an extensive redesign of the upper, and maintains the underfoot structure that proved successful on the previous version.

The Gateway Drug

If you’re an ultramarathoner, chances are that you started with a marathon. An informal survey of ultarunning friends reveals that most of them did at least one marathon before moving up to ultras. Going 26 miles seems to be a sure-fire path to becoming an ultrarunner.

Running Massage Tools Review

One inevitable side effect of ramping up your training load is the development of increasingly persistent aches and soreness in your key muscle groups. We’ve tested a few massage devices this spring, each of which has a slightly different method of application, but all have a similar purpose of working your problem areas before they become limitations.

One Plus One Equals Three

I once heard someone say that two horses pulling together can pull more than the sum of the two horses pulling separately. I found the idea intriguing and went to the internet to see if this was true (because of course everything on the Internet is true). It turns out that this is a real thing!

Tuscarora Trails Ultra 50k

On March 25, 2017, we hosted 57 runners at Big Spring Picnic Area, in far western Perry County, Pennsylvania, to run the Harrisburg Area Road Runners’ Club’s Tuscarora Trails Ultra 50K.

Voluntary Community

There are many aspects of the ultrarunning community that I love, and one of the most important is the fact that at 99% of races 99% of the folks out there helping the runners are volunteers. It’s easy to take this for granted and just assume that races are volunteer run. But have you considered how a race might differ in atmosphere if the folks handing you water or issuing your bib number were paid employees?

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