Buzz Burrell Discussing the Ultimate Direction Groove System



This is the new Groove system, coming out in January. Really happy about a new take on waist packs.

It has a Velcro closure, instead of a buckle system. It enables you to make massive adjustments! Like this, or open it up like that. That’s because it has a Velcro closure on this side and that side.

It’s designed to take the body bottle so it props in here like a kangaroo pouch. Really easy. Doesn’t matter which way it goes in. You just drop it in any way you want.

You can wear it down on your hips like this. Women like it down on your hips or up along your natural waist, where men like to wear it. Either way, it’s really comfortable.

It comes in 2 sizes. We call this the Groove Mano because it holds 1 water bottle. The Groove Stereo, cleverly enough, holds 2. Put this one on, also. The front part flips up and flips down.

It’s a really interesting system. Gives you a lot of size range, a lot of adjustability and a lot of comfort. An added feature … Is that the fronts interchange. You can simply take that 1 off. Take the front off the Mano. Put it on the Stereo if you want a slightly different configuration. The Groove Mano normally comes with this low-fi front, really simple, really low key. On the new Stereo, comes with a more built out front … The pocket for your phone gels and so on and so forth.

The Groove Mano is going to retail for $34.95. The Groove Stereo is going to retail for $69.95. Coming in January. It’s a real different take on waist packs. For people who don’t think waist packs are comfortable, they’ve got to try the Groove system.


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