Bryce Thatcher discusses the new UltraSpire 600 Lumen Light



Hi. I’m Bryce Thatcher and I want to talk real quickly about a new product that we have that we’re so excited about. As I get older I find that my night vision goes down, and with this, I realized that I quit running trails in the early morning because it was really difficult to see. I wanted to come up with a solution for trail and ultra runners that is going to help them see better at night, especially on technical trails, and so we created the Lumen 600.

First of all, it’s a 600-lumen light, aluminum housing. It’s got 1 lithium ion rechargeable battery, but the big thing about having a waist mounted light is that when you’re running, just light taking a picture, when you take a picture with a flash on the top of your camera, the pictures always look very flat. You don’t see any details in the person’s face, but when you move the flash off the camera and take a picture of somebody, then you get all the details. It’s the same thing with a headlamp.

If you have a headlamp on your head, you’re going to lose all the shadow details, but by moving the headlamp down to the waist and actually using a waist lamp, it’s going to give you all the details. What it does, it casts shadows across the rocks and the twigs and all the little angulations in a trail, so that even if it’s a little dimple in the trail, you’re going to be able to see it. This thing is really nice also because you don’t get tunnel vision. It has a very bright center but it has a a 120-degree angle of view so that you can see all your periphery as well too. You’ll be able to run quicker and faster on trails.

The last thing I want to talk about is it also has a 180-degree adjustability, which it allows you to adjust it up a little bit. This is particular important when you’re running up hills because with a normal head lamp you have to raise your head to look up the mountain. With this one you can keep your head stable. This will shine 100 feet up the trail and it’ll give you a view of what everything you have coming ahead so you can plan your trail properly. Then on reverse on the technical downhills, with micro-adjustments, you can adjust it just a little bit down, again, keep your head stable and be able to see the down trail as well too.

A great piece. It’s going to allow trail runners and ultra runners to run technical terrain with confidence.


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