The Mindful Runner- Finding Your Inner Focus by Gary Dudney


I did not read The Tao of Running before reading this book, nor did I feel it was a prerequisite. More of a compliment perhaps. This book reminded me that life is all about finding balance. The Mindful Runner takes you down that path and shares the twists and turns in synergy with good humor, as well as solid advice.

Initially in the beginning of the book I questioned whether it was going to be riddled with famous runner quotes the entire time. Initially there were a lot of reference quotes. This subsided and was simply f lowed into words of wisdom from the chosen wise, which warmed up to great stories that enabled a lot of ref lection.

Thought provoking, enlightening, inspiring, nostalgia inducing, and able to relate to beyond just the act of running. I thoroughly enjoyed turning the pages into chapters of narrative delivered in such a way that I found myself putting it down at times to ref lect and ponder my own experiences and possibilities.

I know I’m reading a good book when it makes me laugh and think out loud. As someone who’s been running and racing since the age of 6, I asked myself who does this book appeal to the most? The answer is everyone. The rookie runner, the famous pro runner, the veteran runner, and all the folks in between. It is worthy of the gamut of eye sets. I really appreciate the way the narrative flowed from chapter to chapter and truly had a lot to offer, beyond just how to become a mindful runner.

Favorite parts: Coyote Two Moon revival run, as well as Gary’s dad crewing him in his final hell miles of another 100. This book is well worth the read and I look forward to reading more from Gary Dudney. Gary for sure sparks the joy and inquisitive nature of how we learn and evolve in our running.


About Author

Heather comes from a background in outdoor writing. as well as working with brands & retailers in the run, bike, and outdoor industry. She grew up between Oregon and Cape Cod, MA and now lives in Hood River, OR. Her love for running started in 1st grade when her gym teacher put on a race around the high-school track. The butterflies and race bug grew on and evolved, to take her to running in the woods while racing for the University of Maine, Orono. Her dream of someday putting on some fun trail-races/ultras, now exists, in her backyard trails of Post Canyon. When not in front of her computer, or in the woods, you can find her making custom trucker hats for her friends, with her fabric markers.

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