1980-1989 Wasatch 100 Starters Invited to Join 2019 Race: 40 Hours for 40 Years


Information supplied by Dana Miller

To honor and recognize you, one of those brave runners who toed Wasatch’s starting line in its first decade (1980-1989), a special “40 Hours for 40 Years” (40/40) race category has been created for the 40th anniversary, 2019 race. Yes, this means that if you started even one of those races in that first decade, you are guaranteed entry and can join other pioneers, old-timers or super veterans (whichever term you prefer) at a 1 a.m. start on Friday, September 6, 2019.

Steve Baugh, one of 7 original 1980 Wasatch starters and 1981-1987 race director, described the first Wasatch’s starting field as: “Just a small group of runners who loved the mountains, getting together for the weekend to see if they could run 100 miles.”

We challenge you to ask that question again!

40 Hours for 40 Years runners won’t be in the “regular” race. Our goals are to have fun, enjoy the Wasatch mountains, get as far on the course as we can or want to, and celebrate our common trail ultrarunning past.


40/40 runners must complete most of the regular entry processes:

  • Enter on-line (registration opens 12/1/18 and closes 1/4/19)
  • Pay entry fee ($275)
  • Complete trail work by 8/15/19

A few requirements unique to the 40/40 runners:

  • 4-hour early start (1 a.m.)
  • Each must have a pacer from the start
  • As a group, provide own aid support and check-in/check-out until Big Mountain (mile 32)
  • If you finish within the 40-hour time limit, it will not count as a regular finish (because this is a one-time commemorative run just for us!)


You’ll earn a unique “40 Hours for 40 Years” plaque recognizing your participation in the 2019 Wasatch 100 and highlighting how many miles you completed, whether you make it to the top of Bair Canyon (mile 7) or all the way to the finish line at Soldier Hollow. If you do make it to the finish line by 5 p.m. Saturday afternoon, you’ll also get a finisher’s belt buckle.

Want more details?

Contact: Dana Miller (1985 – 1989 finisher)
E-mail: mudngutsmiller@gmail.com

Cell: 435-531-1438


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