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Uwharrie 100 Mile/100K: Now Entering the Land that Time Forgot

At the start of the Uwharrie 100, you depart Wood Run Trail Head and are swallowed up immediately by a thick, dark, mysterious forest. Underfoot are protruding rocks and a snake pit of tangled roots, all camouflaged by a layering of dead leaves. The 20.5 mile trail, which follows a figure eight route, will prove to be an almost unbroken minefield of trip hazards.

Finger Lakes 50s: Wetter than Ever

Now in its 29th year, the Finger Lakes 50s Trail Races is one of the oldest ultramarathons in New York State. The course loops around the Finger Lakes National Forest, winding through lush beds of pines, exposed cow pastures with expansive countryside views, shaded equestrian trails, and some rolling hills through the woods.

Cactus Rose 100

by Joe Prusaitis Cactus Rose celebrated her 8th anniv with a warmer than usual attitude, providing her usual stabs and…

Strava Games

When I was much younger, but still old enough to know better, we used to play a game involving bicycles…


No matter what mileage you run per week or how many races you have in a year, it’s helpful to have an off-season, and this is the time of year to consider how to get the most from this phase of training. This article lists some of the advantages of down-time, plus tips for getting the most from it.

On Giving Thanks

The world is roiling. Whether it’s conflict and atrocities in the war-torn areas of the Middle East, struggles for control…

Wanting In!

With the ever-increasing interest in the sport of ultrarunning has come an explosion of prospective entrants for certain races. This popularity has race directors resorting to lotteries, wait lists and other measures, in some cases just short of asking entrants for their firstborn for entry into their events.

69 Miles/Two Days Across The British Countryside

The idea of doing this iconic event sprang up a few weeks after the Trans Rockies multi-day run in 2013 – after the brain had suppressed the pain of that undertaking. But then a fi ve-day stay in the ICU at Johns Hopkins hospital after a “cardiac event” in December put a lot more than just completing this event into question for me.

UltraRunning Finishes by Gender

Race results are obtained from numerous sources, and should be accurate and complete, but inevitably there may be errors. In such cases please let us know. We obtained results from our archive of old ultrarunning magazines dating back to 1981.

Heart Of A Champion

From the greenest novice, to the most seasoned veteran, as ultrarunners, each of us has an ambition of reaching our…

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