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UltraRunning Dec 18 / Jan 19

  • Our Favorite Things
  • Mountain Lakes 100
  • Can Heart Rate Variability Help You Train Better?
  • Run Rabbit Run
  • Diana Fitzpatrick: Breaking 24 at Western States
  • Should You Run While Injured?
December and January: a Special Time

This issue of UltraRunning is a new one –  it is a “double issue” that combines both December and January. Previously we had a December issue that was followed by our big blast double issue – January/February with Ultrarunner of the Year (UROY) and Year-end statistics. But timing and logistics made it extremely difficult to complete the UROY voting process, tally all the year’s races and prepare an entertaining magazine by the January deadline.

Altra Wasatch Jacket

Altra’s entry in the waterproof/breathable jacket category, the Wasatch is a lightweight shell that combines soft interior lining with a strong weatherproof exterior and mild stretch capacity for full range of motion.

Hixon 50K: In the Heart of the Forest

With its third running in 2017, Hixon 50K is a relatively new event set in a region that’s made for trail running. The dense forests and craggy limestone rock faces that make up the unglaciated terrain of western Wisconsin’s Coulee Region beg for a foot race.

Going Too Long: My First 100-Miler

The idea of running non-stop for 100 miles would cause most folks to contemplate a rather long list of difficulties they might encounter. Instead, a clear narrative unfolds in my head of happily gliding through the woods basked in sunlight, merrily bantering with fellow runners while singing birds guide us along. What could possibly go wrong?

The Borg

As best I can tell, the GPS mile is somewhere between eight and nine tenths of a mile as measured by a steel tape, a wheel, a surveyor or even a laser beam. Even at a race held on a paved, certified, one-mile loop, the race director was accosted by runners during the event, swearing that the loop distance was far more than a mile… their GPS measurements proved it.

Running the Elephant – Tahoe 200

I cannot believe that I was brave enough to even start this event. One hundred miles actually WAS quite enough for me each of my 15 experiences, thank you. Yet, when I first heard about the 200-mile loop around Lake Tahoe, I knew I had to do it.

A Hot Hundred Kay at Cuyamaca

The third annual Cuyamaca 100K launched from San Diego’s Cuyamaca Rancho State Park on October 4th this year with the largest field of starters to date. One hundred and eighty-two runners toed the line this year, having travelled from as far away as Poland and Japan.

Update From The Running Event

Last week Cory and I were in Austin, Texas for The Running Event, a tradeshow geared for running specialty retailers. A focal part of the show is the exhibition hall which featured over 100 different running products, services and brands catering to the running market.

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