UltraRunning October 2017


Israel Ramirez, Roger Pynappel and their pacers ascend Marlette Peak under the light of a fiery sunset during the Tahoe Rim Trail. Photo: Scott Rokis

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  • Fall Shoe Review by Brett Rivers, Louis Secreto and Zak Sterling
  • Discovering New York’s Ultra Scene by Kenneth A. Posner
  • A Primer on MUT and USATF by Traci Falbo
  • Lightweight Running Jackets Review by Donald Buraglio
  • Psycho Psummer by Zach Adams
  • Never Summer by Julia Thorn
  • Tahoe Rim Trail by George Ruiz
  • The Great NY Running Exposition by Michael D’Aulerio
  • Power of Four by Kevin Hadfield


  • ASK ANN The Legacy of a Legend by Ann Trason
  • FROM THE COACH Motivation When It Counts by Ian Sharman
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE Rebuilding a Ruin by Ellie Greenwood
  • NUTRITION Perfect Smoothies by Sarah


  • VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD The Inconvenient Truth by Gary Cantrell
  • RUNNING WISE Be Mindful Out There by Gary Dudney
  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE Mind Your Microbiome by Matt Laye
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET The World’s Greatest Lie by Travis Macy
  • ON MY BOOKSHELF Deep End of the Pool Workouts by Lisa Henson
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT Living the Dream by John Trent


  • Dawg Gone Long Run
  • Skyline
  • Burning River
  • Catoctin
  • Magraid 100k


  • REESE’S PIECES Mental Training for Upcoming Adventures by Cory Reese
  • ONE STEP BEYOND Ultrarunning Then and Now by Dean Karnazes
  • ROCKET RANTS Ego: A Double-Edged Weapon by Errol “Rocket” Jones

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