UltraRunning October 2014


THE LONG VIEW | The Limits of Human Potential
News and Notes

Nutrition, Training & Racing
ASK ANN | Buy Local by Ann Trason
NUTRITION | Gut Check by Jill Puleo
ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | Racing, Race, Race by Ellie Greenwood
FROM THE COACH | Performing Your Best on Race Day by Ian Sharman
Jumpstart Your Recovery by Tim Gorichanaz
GEAR REVIEW | Fall Shoes by Brett Rivers

Ultra History, Science & Lore
RUNNING WISE | The Quotable Ultrarunner by Gary Dudney
VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD | Eight Things Your RD Won’t Tell You by Gary Cantrell
THEN AND NOW | Strike a Pose by Joe Uhan

At The Races

Featured Races
Tahoe Rim Trail by George Ruiz
Speedgoat by Galen Burrell
Six Days in the Dome by Gary Cantrell
Badwater 135 by Judy Jennings
Double Badwater by Laura Casner

Race Reports
Cacapon 12 Hour Challenge by Jason Griffith
Christmas in July by Jeffery Lung
Dahlgren Heritage Rail Trail by Vic Culp
Finger Lakes Fifties by Steve Shaum
HURL Elkhorn by Steve Engebrecht
Kettle Moraine by Jason Dorgan and Timo Yanacheck
Ouray by Charles Johnston
Psycho Psummer by Ben Holmes
Vermont by Zeke Zucker
Vol State by Gary Cantrell
White River by Van Phan

International Scene
The Wall Run by Ron Bowman

The Ultra Life
ONE STEP BEYOND | Crawl if you Must by Dean Karnazes
Observations From Behind the Aid Station Table by Zach Adams
Finding the Trail in the Urban Jungle by Mike Meehan
THE ROCKET RANTS | Wanting In! by Errol Jones


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