UltraRunning November 2018


Runner Linda Trinh and pacer Sarka Petrickova, professors at the University of Illinois, find themselves in the perfect location to view the sunset at Bigfoot 200 in the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Photo: Scott Rokis.

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  • Headlamps Review by Donald Buraglio
  • Behind the Lens by Scott Rokis
  • Twisted Branch Trail Run by Michael Welden
  • Run the Rut by Mike Foote
  • Leadville Trail by Ben Dicke
  • High Lonesome 100 by Caleb Efta, RD


  • ASK ANN F.U.N. Lists by Ann Trason
  • FROM THE COACH Coping with Injuries by Ian Sharman
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE Reigniting Your Passion by Ellie Greenwood
  • BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN Sport Supplements in Ultras by Pam Smith
  • WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? New Moms and Ultrarunning by Meredith Terranova


  • THE BEAST COAST The Best Beast Coast Season by Amy Rusiecki
  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE Pregnancy and Running by Matt Laye
  • RUNNING WISE We Are Trekkies by Gary Dudney
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT Changing of the Guard by John Trent
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET More Racing? by Travis Macy


  • Rebecca Mountain
  • Bulldog
  • UTE 100 Mile
  • Waldo
  • UTMB


  • REESE’S PIECES The Ultramarathon Juggling Act by Cory Reese
  • ONE STEP BEYOND Balance? by Dean Karnazes
  • SARAH’S STORIES You Don’t Have to Super-Size Your Ultras by Sarah Lavender Smith

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