UltraRunning May-June 2012


In this issue
20 Deep Vein Thrombosis by Gary Towle
23 Nutrition – Do Ultrarunners Need Vitamin and Mineral Supplements?
26 Training – Ramp Up To Tougher Workouts
28 View From The Open Road
29 Club Corner – Virginia Happy Trails Running Club by Greg Lanctot
30 Comrades King – Bruce Fordyce by Rich Limacher
32 High Altitude Training Center by Kelli Rogers
34 Ultramarathoner Demographics – Who Are These People? by Marty Hoffman and Kevin Fogard
37 Cupcake Fever by Cory Reese
38 Your Brain On Wasatch by Aharon Shulimson
42 100-Mile Wedding: A Crash Course in Ultrarunning by Dmitri Kernasovskiy
44 You’re Awesome by John Vanderpot
63 Milestone – Micah True
76 Run Gently Out There

Feature races
6 Holiday Lake 50K
10 Way Too Cool 50K
16 Chuckanut 50K

Race reports
45 Louisville’s Lovin’ the Hills
46 Hagg Lake
48 Iron Horse
50 Rocky Road 100
52 Febapple Frozen Fifties
54 Lord Hill Trail Run
55 Seneca Creek
56 Green Jewel 50K
57 Nueces
58 Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50
59 DoubleTop 100
60 Caumsett
62 Copper Canyon Ultra Marathon
64 A-OK 50K
65 Land Between The Lakes
66 Graveyard 100

Race Results in alphabetical order, beginning on page 67
The 6-Hour Snake Run
Bear Blaster FA
Bel Monte
Moab 100
Mt Tammany 10
Bedrock 50K
Canyon Meadow Winter
Cross Timbers
Delano Park
Dirty Duo
Elizabeth’s Furnace
Elk Ridge
Hashawa Hills
Howard Aslinger 24
Iditarod Trail Invitational
La Jolla Canyon
LOST 118
Malibu Creek
Manasota TC 50K
Mesquite Canyon
Moab’s Red Hot
Montara Mountain
Mt Cheaha
Mt Mitchell Challenge
Old Pueblo
Pacifica Trail
Pioneer Saloon Ghost Run
Prickly Pear
Ray Miller
Rodeo Valley Trail
Saratoga FA50
Stripes Crazy 50K
TRC Post Oak Lodge
Vista View

Runners make the climb up Oh Lord Hill at the Lord Hill Trail Runs
Glenn Tachiyama


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