UltraRunning May 2004


11 Nutrition File: Carbohydrates in a Low Carb World Courtesy of Her Magazine
16 UR Profile: Up and Coming Colorado Ultrarunning Dave Mackey
50 Adventure Run: 24 Hours on the Wonderland Trail by John Stamstad
52 Adventure Run: Runniing with the Kiwis by Bob Boeder
68 The Delicious Details of Obsession by Ron Christiansen

AT THE RACES reports and results
Way Too Cool 50 Km
Uncool 50 Km
Rucky Chucky 50 Km
Stevens Creek 50 Km
Lake Hodges 50 Km
Pirates Cove 50 Km
Angel Island New Year’s Day 50 Km
Muir Beach 50 Km
San Juan Trail 50 Km
Crown King Scramble 50 Mile and 50 Km
Old Pueblo 50 Mile
Pemberton 50 Km
Red Hot 50 Km
Grasslands 50 Mile
Houston Ultra Weekend
Hog’s Hunt 50 Km
A-O.K. 50 Km
Chuckanut 50 Km
KUTS 51 and 32 Mile
Sylamore 50 Km
Carl Touchstone Mississippi 50 Mile and 50 Km
Gator Trail 50 Km
Oak Mountain 50 Km
White Rock 50 Km
Frosty 50 Km
Kurt Steiner 50 Km
Haag Lake 50 Km
Camusett 50 Km
Foothills 50 Mile and 50 Km

6 Experiment of One: Questions — and Answers by Shawn McDonald
9 Women’s View: Nothing to Fear by Karen Shiley
10 Body Basics: Peroneal Tendinitis by Jason Hodde
54 On the Go: Quickshots: What’s New by Ed Tyanich

2 Chatter
4 UR Letters
4 UR Briefs
55 UR Calendar

Paul Dewitt descends Gatherers Canyon at the Moab 50 Km.

Jeff Heasley


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