UltraRunning March 2020


Denise Bourassa tackles the muddy and root covered trails during the HURT 100 in the mountains above Honolulu, Hawaii. Denise was the second female to finish in a time of 32:03. Photo: Gary Wang

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  • From The Coach Creating Good Habits by Ian Sharman
  • Koop’s Corner Advanced Strategies For Spring Training by Jason Koop
  • What’s On Your Plate What Is Race Weight? by Meredith Terranova
  • Tricks Of The Trade Shopping For Running Shoes 101 by Sean Meissner


  • Ultrarunning Science How Plyometrics Beat Expensive Shoes by Matt Laye
  • Beast Coast Ice And Mud Seasons by Amy Rusiecki
  • Running On Earth Our Running Environment by Clare Gallagher
  • Ultra Doc A Guide To Regenerative Medicine by Tracy Beth Høeg
  • The Voice Of The Sport Maggie Guterl: Achieving The Unachievable by John Trent
  • Wool For The Win by Donald Buraglio
  • UltraRunners of the Decade by John Medinger
  • Ultra Prep For Ultra Feet by Jay Dicharry


  • Hellgate by Jessica Croisant
  • Hurt 100 by Stan Jensen
  • Brazos Bend 100 by Patrick Reagan
  • Mines Of Spain by Mike Van Hulle
  • Tunnel Hill by Steve Durbin


  • Destination Unknown Summer Goals In Spring by Jeff Kozak
  • Reese’s Pieces Belt Buckle Etiquette by Cory Reese
  • One Step Beyond Training For Your Teeth by Dean Karnazes
  • Sarah’s Stories Spring Cleaning For Ultrarunners by Sarah Lavender Smith
  • Running Down Under Spring Down Under by Lucy Bartholomew
  • I Am An Ultrarunner Sean Nakamura by Erika Hoagland

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