UltraRunning July 2011


In this issue
17 The Buckle!
24 Nutrition – The Magic Box
26 Beginner’s Corner – A Grab Bag of Tricks from Running One Hundred Ultras
28 Medical Update – Exercise-Associated Collapse
31 Who Is Dick West? – A Profile
34 View From The Open Road – Pre-Race Jitters
35 On The Outside Looking In
36 A Frozen First
106 Letters and Milestones
106 Married at the Mac
108 Run Gently Out There

Feature races
7 Umstead
11 Bull Run Run
13 Miwok 100K

Race reports
37 Lt. JC Stone
38 Antelope Island Buffalo Run
41 Badger Mountain Challenge
42 Bel Monte Endurance Run
43 Chicago Lakefront
43 Clinton Lake
44 Old Goat’s
46 Rockin K
47 Yakima
48 Brew To Brew
49 American River 50
51 Mad City
52 Glacier Ridge Trail
52 Peterson Ridge Rumble
53 Diez Vista
53 Winona Lake
54 Ouachita Trail 50
55 Virginia 24-Hour Run for Cancer
56 Sybil Ludington
57 Zane Grey
58 BPAC 6-Hour Classic
59 Forget the PR Mohican 50K
60 Free State
61 Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug
62 Promise Land 50K++
63 TARC Spring Classic
64 Red Mountain 50K/30K
64 Capitol Peak
65 Leona Divide
66 Quicksilver 50M
67 50s For Yo Momma
68 Greenland Trail 50K
69 Collegiate Peaks Trail Run
70 TNF Bear Mountain
71 Lost Lake
72 Long Island Greenbelt 50K
73 3 Days At The Fair
74 Ice Age Trail
75 Mind The Ducks 12 Hour

Race Results in alphabetical order, beginning on page 76
24-Hour Adventure Trail
3 Days At The Fair
50s For Yo Momma
American River 50
Antelope Island Buffalo Run
Badger Mountain Challenge
Bel Monte Endurance Run
Berry Creek Falls
BPAC 6-Hour Classic
Brew To Brew
Bull Run Run
BUS 6-Hour
Capitol Peak
Capon Valley
Cheyenne Mountain 50k
Chicago Lakefront/George Cheung Memorial
Cinderella Trail 50K
Clinton Lake
Collegiate Peaks Trail Run
Cornbelt Running Club 24 Hour
Croom Fools Run
Desert RATS Trail Running Festival
Diez Vista
Double Chubb
DRTE – Santa Barbara Endurance Runs
Folsom Point Trail
Fools 50K
Forget the PR
Free State
Frisco Railroad
GAC 6-Hour Mother’s Day Race
Gator Trail 50
Glacier Ridge Trail
Greenland Trail 50K
Hells Hills
Hog’s Hunt
Ice Age Trail
Jack Bristol Lake Waramaug
Jenkinson Lake
Juniperwood Ranch
Kal-Haven Trail Run
Labor of Love
Lake McMurtry
Leona Divide
Long Island Greenbelt 50K
Lost Lake
Lt. J.C. Stone
Mad City
McDonald Forest
Miles For Moffitt
Mind The Ducks 12 Hour
Miwok 100K
Mohican 50k
Mokelumne River
Old Goat’s
Ouachita Trail 50
Pacific Rim One Day
Palm 100
Performance Jetty-2-Jetty
Peterson Ridge Rumble
Philadelphia 100
Potawatomi Trail Run
Prickly Pear 50K
Promise Land 50K++
Quicksilver 50M
Red Mountain
Rockin K
Ruth Anderson
Salt Flats 100
Soaring Eagle Park
Soaring Eagle 50K
Spokane River Run
Squak Mountain
Sunsweet Wildflowers
Sweet H2O
Sybil Ludington
Sycamore Canyon
TARC Fells Trail Spring Ultra
TARC Spring Classic
Terrapin Mountain
The 6-Hour Snake Run
TNF Bear Mountain
Virginia 24-Hour Run for Cancer
Vista View 360 6-Hour
Weiser River Trail
Winona Lake
Woodside Trail
WSU 100K
Yakima Skyline
Zane Grey

Miwok 100K runners under dappled sunlight and majestic redwoods
Susan Donnelly Photo


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