UltraRunning Jan/Feb 2016


ON THE COVER: Men’s Ultrarunner of the Year David Laney of Ashland, Oregon, cruising to a win at the Chuckanut 50k in March. Photo: Glenn Tachiyama


  • The Year in Review by Tropical John Medinger
  • Interviews with the 2015 Ultrarunners of the Year
  • Performances of the Year
  • 2015 Stats Roundup features
  • UltraRunning Race Series Standings
  • Javelina Jundred
  • Canyon de Chelly
  • Tussey Mountainback
  • Shoe Review by Stephen Wassather & Brett Rivers
  • Running Legwear Review by Donald Buraglio


  • ASK ANN How to Approach Winter Months by Ann Trason
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE Run Faster to Run Further by Ellie Greenwood
  • FROM THE COACH An Experiment of One by Ian Sharman
  • NUTRITION Ultrarunner Fueling by Sarah Koszyk
  • ULTRA FORM AND EFFICIENCY UROY Superheroes by Joe Uhan


  • VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD Faster by Gary Cantrell
  • RUNNING WISE Early Season Training by Gary Dudney
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT Father and Son by John Trent
  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE The Science of Ultrarunning by Matt Laye
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET Get Better in 2016 by Travis Macy


  • ONE STEP BEYOND What Makes a Champion? by Dean Karnazes
  • REESE’S PIECES Solo Hundo by Cory Reese
  • ROCKET RANTS Shelf Life by Errol “Rocket” Jones


  • Sierra Crest 50k
  • The Bear Chase
  • Blues Cruise
  • Door County Fall 50
  • Kansas Fall Ultra Extravaganza
  • Mt. Taylor 50k
  • Rockin’ Rockwoods Ultra Run
  • Surf the Murph
  • Pumpkin Holler Hunnerd
  • Rio Del Lago

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