UltraRunning December 2014


On the Cover: A glorious fall day on the trails at the 10th anniversary of Blues Cruise 50K in Pennsylvania. Photo: Jim Blandford


The Long View
News And Notes

Nutrition, Training & Racing

ASK ANN | Should I Have a Pacer? by Ann Trason
NUTRITION | Eating for a Positive Mental Edge by Sunny Blende
ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE | The Newcomer’s Guide to Ultrarunning by Ellie Greenwood
FROM THE COACH | Dealing With Injuries by Ian Sharman
GIFT GUIDE | Our Favorite Things by Donald Buraglio, MPT

Ultra History, Data & Lore

RUNNING WISE | Western States Memorial Day Training Runs by Gary Dudney
VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD |The Borg by Gary Cantrell
THEN AND NOW | Pacers and Ultrarunners by Joe Uhan

At The Races

Featured Races

Canyon de Chelly by Nick Barraza
Run the Rut by Mike Foote, Co-RD
The Evolution of Sage Canaday by Eric Senseman
Blues Cruise by Lauren Gabler
Run Rabbit Run by Fred Abramowitz, RD

Race Reports

Allegheny Front by Mike Casper, RD
Flagline 50k by David Laney
Flagstaff Sky Race by Hayley Pollack
FlatRock by Eric Steele, RD
Hawk Hundred by Gary Henry
North Coast 24-Hour by Zandy Mangold
Oak Openings Stampede by Randy Ruch, RD
Pine to Palm by Carly Koerner
Skyline 50k by Adam Ray, RD
Squamish by Gary Robbins, RD
Tahoe 200 by Michelle Halsne
The Bear by Leland Barker, RD
The North Face Endurance Challenge Series Update by Jeff Ball
Virgil Crest 100 by Denis Mikhaylove

International Scene

Patagonia International Marathon by Jacqueline Windh
Spartathalon by Dean Karnazes

The Ultra Life

THE NEXT STEP | Dog Gone (Not!) by Dean Karnazes
New Rim to Rim to Rim FKT by Charles Scott
Chef on the Run by Tim Cotroneo
Home Just Gets Sweeter by Nipmunk Dave
The Stereotypical Ultrarunner by Zach Adams
THE ROCKET RANTS | Trail Right/Trail Left by Errol “Rocket” Jones


1 Comment

  1. Gail Leedy on

    Trail Right/Trail Left by Errol “Rocket” Jones misses the point. He states that if you are behind him, then you must not be in contention and therefore don’t need to get around him. I content that HE is not in contention and therefore shouldn’t be upset about stepping aside for two seconds. After all, the person trying to pass may be in contention for an age group award (like, the 60-69 year old women’s category). What’s another two seconds to him? Jeeze!!