UltraRunning Dec 2019/Jan 2020


Run Rabbit Run 100 winner, Kyle Pietari, runs ahead of Mark Hammond at mile 16 while tackling Fish Creek Falls near Steamboat Springs, CO. Photo: Paul Nelson

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  • 20 Finishes: Longevity at Western States by Scott Mills
  • Our Favorite Things by Donald Buraglio
  • The Hennepin Hundred by Tom Miller
  • Superior Fall Trail Races by Alex Elizabeth
  • Mountain Lakes 100 by Darron Collins
  • Secret Beach by Kathryn Farrell


  • ASK ANN Find a Running Buddy by Ann Trason
  • FROM THE COACH Our Identities as Ultrarunners by Ian Sharman
  • BREAKING IT DOWN Ultrarunning on a Budget by Pam Smith
  • KOOP’S CORNER Get the Most out of Winter Months by Jason Koop
  • ULTRA-LIFE BALANCE Time to Treadmill by Ellie Greenwood
  • WHAT’S ON YOUR PLATE? Kyle Pietari: Making Healthy Work by Meredith Terranova
  • TRICKS OF THE TRADE Winter Running Gear by Sean Meissner


  • ULTRARUNNING SCIENCE The Challenges of Cold Weather Running by Matt Laye
  • THE BEAST COAST Snowshoe Running by Amy Rusiecki
  • THE ULTRA MINDSET Get Started in the Snow by Travis Macy
  • THE VIEW FROM THE OPEN ROAD Hundo and Vert by Gary Cantrell
  • THE VOICE OF THE SPORT We’ve Been Waiting for You by John Trent


  • Rick O’Donnell Trail Run by Bill Susa
  • Run Rabbit Run by Fred Abramowitz
  • Yeti 100 Mile Endurance Run by Tracy Cooley
  • Hawk Hundred by Kristi Mayo


  • REESE’S PIECES Tips to Avoid a Mid-Race Divorce by Cory Reese
  • ONE STEP BEYOND Favorite Winter Routines by Dean Karnazes
  • SARAH’S STORIES Getting Through Ultra Obstacles by Sarah Lavender Smith
  • DESTINATION UNKNOWN Tips for Surviving Winter by Jeff Kozak
  • I AM AN ULTRARUNNER Dion Leonard by Erika Hoagland

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