UltraRunning April 2011


In this issue
14 Nutrition – Periodization
16 Beginner’s Corner – Dangers of the Trail
18 Gear – Running Lights
20 Evolution of Ultra – Northeast
76 Run Gently Out There
78 Poetry – Great Expectations

Feature races
7 Rocky Raccoon
11 Holiday Lake
13 Psycho Wyco

SPECIAL SECTION – International Adventure
22 Ultrarunning Across the Continents
23 Al Andalus (Spain)
24 Annapurna (Nepal)
26 Cruce de Los Andes (Chile/Peru)
28 Ehunmilak (Spain)
31 La High (Himalayas)
32 Mourne Way (Ireland)
34 Nord-Ostsee-Kanal-Lauf (Germany)
36 Runnin’ With the Rastas (Jamaica)
38 Taby Extreme Challenge (Sweden)
40 The Inca Trail (Peru)
42 The Wild Coast (South Africa)
44 TransAlpine Stage Run (Austria/Italy)
46 Two Bays Trail (Australia)

Race reports
47 100-Mile Club Endurance Challenge
48 Avalon
50 Run For Regis
51 Swampstomper
52 Long Haul 100
53 Windburn Six in the Stix
54 Arrowhead 135
55 Jed Smith
56 John Dick Memorial Crusty
57 Uwharrie Mountain Run
59 Pemberton
60 Destin 50 Beach Ultra
61 Bandit Trail Run

Race Results in alphabetical order, beginning on page 62
Arrowhead 135
Avalon 50 Mile Benefit Run
Bandit Trail Run
Black Warrior 50K
Chabot Trail Run
Cool Trail Run
Dances With Dirt – Green Swamp
Destin 50 Beach Ultra
Dry Rock Ridge Run
Febapple Frozen Fifty
Golden Gate Trail lRun
Hilo to Volcano 50K Ultra
Holiday Lake 50K++
HURT 100 Mile Endurance Run
Jed Smith
John Dick Memorial Crusty
Kahtoola Wasatch Winter Bigfoot Festival
Las Trampas FA50
Long Haul 100
Louisville’s Lovin’ the Hills
MontaƱa de Oro Trail Run
Mountain Mist 50K
Orcas Island 50K
Pacifica Trail Run
Pemberton Trail 50K
Psycho Wyco Run Toto Run
Rocky Raccoon
San Tan Scramble 50k
Steep Ravine Trail Run
Sylamore Trail
The Sultan 50K
Triple Lakes Trail
Uwharrie Mountain Run
Windburn Six in the Stix
Yukon Arctic 100

Bryan Kelpe runs even splits through the snow to win ?Kansas City’s Psycho Wyco
Kyle Gerstner


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