Path Projects Pyrenees T19 Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt


Basic summary: A men’s hooded long sleeve shirt that has excellent insulation, moisture wicking, and odor resistance. Clever design elements include extra long cuffs with thumb holes, and a watch slot on the left sleeve.

MSRP: $62


  • Weight: 6.7oz / 189g (size M)
  • Fabric construction: 74% polyester / 19% tencel / 7% spandex
  • Moisture wicking, quick dry fabric
  • Four-way stretch fabric
  • Odor resistance
  • Full-length sleeves with pull out hand covers
  • Snorkel hood
  • Left arm watch slot opening
  • Two color options

Deep dive:

Path Projects distinguished themselves in our summer apparel review, thanks largely to their Cascade short sleeve tee that had super comfortable next-to-skin feel, great moisture wicking and odor resistance, and looked great for casual wear.

The direct-to-consumer company is less than two years old, and is gradually expanding its product lineup with an artisanal approach to quality and detail.

A new product this fall is the Pyrenees T19 Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt, a great single layer for moderate winter weather – we wear it by itself down to about 40 degrees – which layers easily under a vest or jacket for harsher conditions. It features the exact same fabric as the Cascade shirt: T19, so named for its 19% Tencel fiber composition. Tencel is an ecologically responsible eucalyptus wood fiber that is naturally antimicrobial and enhances moisture transfer away from the skin. These fibers also have a smooth exterior surface which contributes to the resulting fabric’s overall softness. The odor resistance is legit; we typically wear the Pyrenees for several days in a row without needing to wash it.

In addition to the exceptional fabric, the Pyrenees has a number of cool features that elevate it beyond your typical long sleeve training shirt. The roomy hood is described as snorkel style (we prefer to call it Jedi style), loosely encompassing your whole head to provide some additional insulation until your body gets warm. There’s no way to adjust the hood, so in strong breezes it has a hard time staying in place. When the hood is down, the collar sits fairly high up on the neck, but it’s thin and soft enough that it’s not uncomfortable.

At the sleeves, you have a couple of different options. You can extend the cuffs to their full length, which land approximately at the base of your fingers with a thumb access hole. The cuff width is pretty generous, making it easier to pull the cuffs over a pair of gloves rather than underneath. You can also fold the cuffs inward to wear them at traditional sleeve length.

The coolest design element is the watch slot on the left sleeve, which tucks around the face of your watch, allowing you to see it at all times without exposing any part of your wrist to cold air. This seemed like sort of a gimmick at first, but we found it to be a great convenience, with the added benefit that optical HR data isn’t compromised by strapping your device over a layer of fabric. You can only use the watch slot if the cuffs are at their full length (not folded inward), and the slot is only on the left sleeve. To get a slot on the right sleeve, you can turn the shirt inside out, since there are no tags on the garment and the seams are almost imperceptible… but this seems a little unfair to lefties.

Also on the subject of fairness, we need to point out that Path Projects currently only makes men’s apparel – which is a bummer, because we’d love to recommend their fabrics and construction to everyone. Sizing of the Pyrenees shirt is such that a men’s small may roughly equate to a women’s large, but the cut will feel roomy through the torso. The Path Projects brand strategy is to build a complete men’s product line inclusive of top and bottom garments, then develop a corresponding women’s line in a similar incremental fashion. Their first women’s offering is slated to be a sleeveless tee with a target release date in Spring 2019.

The Path Projects Pyrenees Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt is available now at


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  1. I think I’ll wait till it shows up at Goodwill and I can get if for $5.00, my dachshund would love it. The model looks as miserable to be wearing the hoodie as the hoodie itself ? There must be a better use for environmentaly friendly tencel than this.