Looking forward to 2014 UltraRunners of the Year


With 2013 firmly in the rear view mirror, and the race season for 2014 about to kick into high gear this coming weekend at Montrail Ultra Cup races Sean O’Brien and Rocky Raccoon, plus lots of great regional ultras on the docket across north america in February, it is time to turn our attention to the year ahead.  But before things get going here in 2014, who do you think will be the contenders for Ultra Runner of the Year?

Last year’s winners were two athletes new to ultrarunning, will we see that again this year?  The WAG here is that on the men’s side we will see guys who are elites but didn’t quite break the top 10 last year – how about Jorge Maravilla (just won Bandera), Dylan Bowman, Chris Vargo or Cameron Clayton to crack the UROY podium in 2014?  Frankly EVERY guy in the top 10 last year is strong and contending again this year, but we think those four above could take big steps up in 2014.

And for the women – the names likely to be at the top are the same – Michelle Yates who seems to still be peaking, while Pam Smith and Rory Bosio would be hard to bet against as they roll into 2014 in top form.  But a few of the elite women yet to achieve their full potential and who could take podium spots seem to be Cassie Scallon, Emily Harrison and Kaci Lickteig.  And don’t forget ageless wonder Meghan Arboghast who is even better than ever as we head into 2014, notching the win at Bandera already.  Also, someone named Ellie is healthy again in 2014…

All of the elite and talented names ~not~ mentioned above are going to be big whiffs for us…

We will know more after this coming weekend.

Who do you think will rise to the top with UROY podium spots in 2014?


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Karl Hoagland has been the Publisher of UltraRunning Magazine since June, 2013. Hoagland is a former investment banker and hotel entrepreneur, having worked at Goldman Sachs, Montgomery Securities and Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants after graduating from Brown University in 1987. Since running the Quad Dipsea in 2003 Hoagland has been obsessed with ultrarunning and everything about it, especially the community and new friendships he’s made. Karl especially likes to take on challenges and strive for improvement. Ultrarunning is the perfect platform for such endeavors, and his big goals are to encourage others and help the sport grow.

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