Jorge Maravilla: Looking Ahead


Some may know Jorge as the General Manager of the San Francisco Running Company, while others have likely raced alongside him at a local ultra or marathon. Making headlines in 2017 as winner of both the San Francisco Marathon and Penghu Cross-Sea Marathon in Taiwan while placing 10th at UTMB CCC, Jorge had a busy year. Balancing a job, young family, training and international travel doesn’t come easy for most, so we caught up with Jorge to find out what’s in store for 2018.

You had some amazing finishes in 2017 – both local and international. Have those races inspired your goals for 2018?

Thank you – I have been very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel around the world to race, as well as take part in domestic races both on and off the road in various distances.  I’ve always (wanted) to be the best runner I could be and find interest in the challenge of running a fast marathon, just as much as the mental and physical journey of traversing through the mountains in an ultra.  I also feel that my best is yet to be achieved, which inspires me to demand more out of myself.

Racing both road marathons and ultras makes you a versatile athlete. What’s your favorite distance and why?

I don’t think I have a favorite race distance, as I enjoy every journey that each distance demands out of me.  I think they all counter-balance each other, which is why I benefit from racing a fast and hard 10K just as much as I enjoy embracing the process of a 100-mile trail ultra.

With wins at the San Francisco Marathon and Penghu Cross-Sea Marathon, a 10th place finish at UTMB CCC and 2nd at Ultra Race of Champions, not to mention 3rd at USATF XC Champs, which race was the most memorable?

Each event had its unique moment of completion and holds a place in my heart which will not be forgotten, however there was something very special about being a local runner and winning the 2017 San Francisco Marathon.

Is there a race that you’d like to go back to and defend your title, or improve your time/race?

Yes, definitely, I plan on defending my title at the San Francisco Marathon, as well as improving my time/race performance at UTMB CCC.

With 2018 on the horizon and your sights set on Tokyo 2020, how are you planning for your upcoming races? With a full schedule that includes work and family, tell us how you do it all…

Yes, 2018 is here and there is a lot to think about in terms of planning carefully for the future of my running career.  Choosing races which will set me up for an optimal 2019 marathon performance is at the forefront of my planning, however my interest in ultras is very much alive, because again, I completely believe in versatility and have a hunger for adventure.  And yes, a full schedule of work and family keeps me balanced, even though at times, like many, I wish I had more hours in a day.

Any race/FKT on your bucket list that you’d like to complete in the next few years?

I definitely have some in mind, and I will reveal when the time is right, but you can definitely count on me adventuring for some fun FKT’s.


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Amy Clark is the Editor of UltraRunning Magazine. She began her career at a small advertising agency in Bend, Oregon, where she enjoyed the fast pace and creative environment. For over 15 years, lunch hour runs were a ritual. Amy also joined the board of the local running club, became a race director and finished her first ultra. She has completed over 35 marathons and ultras combined, and continues to run long distances while encouraging both kids and adults to ignite their own passion for running.

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