2017 Reader Survey


We recently conducted a reader survey and received almost 1,000 responses – thank you for your feedback. The positive comments were encouraging and nice to hear. Over 98% of respondents said UltraRunning Magazine is interesting, informative, trustworthy and reliable. Roughly 95% believe UR provides unique content and useful information. Training is the most important topic to our readers, and although the feedback is divergent about race reports (and printed race results), over 75% of you think we are getting them just right.

The survey also revealed information about our readers – your average age is 43 and 68% are male and 32% female. A whopping 92% are college graduates and 46% also have advanced degrees. No wonder 97% said that medical research and the science of ultrarunning is important. But then again, 33% of our readers have completed a 100-mile race so that leaves us wondering a bit about your sanity too.

But like all ultrarunners, what we are really after is the constructive feedback – i.e. what are we doing wrong and how can we improve?

Following are some common remarks and themes that emerged:

Race Reports: Readers want stories from the entire spectrum of runners about the drama that occurs during an ultra (will the runner overcome everything and finish the race?) Readers also want to just learn about new races. What makes the race unique, what are the logistical issues, and even: what is fun to do before and after the race? Readers use race reports to learn, to be entertained and, maybe most importantly, to select their future races.

General Content: Readers would like more diverse features about “average ultrarunners” – young, old, new and everything in between. They also want content from all regions of North America and to learn about new areas and trails.

Training Resource: Ultrarunners – new, old and “not yet” – value articles that will specifically enhance their running success and enjoyment. They want nuts and bolts, implementable information from experts.

Photos: Our readers enjoy and want more photos that capture the spirit of ultrarunners and the natural and beautiful settings where so much of the sport takes place.

The Ultralife: Our sport and its participants are unique, and our readers enjoy the reflective, poignant and fun stories that, ultimately, make ultrarunning such a rewarding and alluring activity.

Our entire team will work hard to bring you more and better content consistent with your feedback. And sometimes the best source of great content is in our ultrarunning community, something that UltraRunning has always embraced throughout its 36-year history. If you have ideas or would like to contribute content please contact our Assistant Editor Erika Hoagland at erikah@ultrarunning.com

Likewise, if you have feedback that we have not heard, please let me know, I’d love to hear from you at karlh@ultrarunning.com.


About Author

Karl Hoagland has been the Publisher of UltraRunning Magazine since June, 2013. Hoagland is a former investment banker and hotel entrepreneur, having worked at Goldman Sachs, Montgomery Securities and Larkspur Hotels & Restaurants after graduating from Brown University in 1987. Since running the Quad Dipsea in 2003 Hoagland has been obsessed with ultrarunning and everything about it, especially the community and new friendships he’s made. Karl especially likes to take on challenges and strive for improvement. Ultrarunning is the perfect platform for such endeavors, and his big goals are to encourage others and help the sport grow.

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