2014 Lottery Results – Western States Endurance Run


The 2014 Western States Lottery was held on Saturday December 7, 2013 at the Placer High School Auditorium. Around 250-300 people braved the snow and ice to attend.

This year we had 127 automatic spots that were either designated pre-lottery or are reserved from the 400 total we will accept into the race.

  • Top Ten 18 of the top ten men and women are returning
  • Raffle 14 from previous two raffle drawings
  • Race Admin 29 aid stations and other race administration roles
  • Special Consideration 2
  • Foreign Consideration 12 – We accepted 12 foreign entrants pre-lottery for global representation
  • MUC 23 (out of 30) – There are five races where top three men and women can qualify. We are estimating that not all will be taken.
  • UTWT 6 – Ultra-Trail World Tour spots for elite athletes
  • Gordy 1 – The founder of the race from 1974
  • Board of Trustees 3
  • Tenth Finishes 4 – Andy Jones-Wilkins, Erik Skaden, John Nichols, Tom Green are all going for their 10th finish
  • Sponsors 15

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