36th Annual Children’s Hospital Charity Run


The 36th Annual Woodsfield Run for Kids started at 8:00 on Saturday morning with temperatures in the low 70s and very high humidity.  The sun peaked through the shadows along the one mile course for about an hour before beginning to blister the pavement as temperatures rose during the afternoon.  The time and temperature sign at the Citizens National Bank reached 89 degrees just before 2:00 pm.  All runners continued to look for the cloud cover and the possibility of rain but to no avail.  Temperatures dipped to 80 degrees as the race came to a close at 8:00 in the evening.

The high temperatures did not temper the spirits of the runners or the competitiveness of the runners.  All realized that the heat and humidity would limit the total distances run during this year’s event.  Spirits were raised by the appearance of PFC Jaren Hupp, of the Woodsfield VFW.  PFC Hupp came up to Charlie Kozlesky, race organizer and requested to carry the American Flag during the race.  PFC Hupp carried the American Flag 26 times around the one mile course.  Later in the evening, Mick Schumacher stated, “With all the issues in our country and around the world, our future is in god hands with individuals like PFC Jaren Hupp”

Chris White from West Virginia took the early lead and ran a steady pace passing the marathon distance in just over 4 hours and 31 minutes. Charlie Kozlesky passed the marathon point in 5 hours and 29 miles followed closely by Woodsfield resident Mick Schumacher in 5 hours and 32 minutes. The first female runner, Woodsfield resident Lori Michener went through the marathon in 5 hours and 54 minutes.

The afternoon heat and humidity took its toll on the runners but the competition was keen as the sun set in the west and temperatures dropped a few degrees.  Mick Schumacher and Charlie Kozlesky were fighting for the lead from the 44th mile until the finish.  Mick Schumacher took the lead during the 49th  mile and passed the 50 mile point in 11 hours and 51 minutes followed by Charlie Kozlesky in 11 hours and 55 minutes.  Mick Schumacher won the race with a total of 51 miles.

Woodsfield resident, Lori Michener won the female division with 45 miles. Thirty time participant Dick Sanders of Buffalo, New York finished with 42 miles followed by Chris White from Barboursville, West Virginia with 37 miles.  Long time participant Ruta Mazelis from Sherrodsville, Ohio finished with 33 miles. Three runners finished with 30 miles including 76 year old Mitch Toto from Belmont, Ohio, Chris Benedict of Woodsfield and Kurt Geveke from Huntington, West Virginia.  Bill Potts age 69 from Sherrodsville, Ohio finished with 26 miles followed by PFC Jaren Hupp of Woodsfield carrying the American Flag 26 times around the course.

The runners and handlers would like to thank the residents and businesses of Woodsfield for their continued support for the family affair that raises money to assist our needy children.  One family came to the dinner and talked about the care their daughter received at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  After two brain surgeries the 3 year old girl is cancer free thanks to the technology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Runners are looking forward to the 37th Annual Woodsfield Run for Kids set for Saturday the 4th of October, 2014.


Name Age Hometown Distance
Mick Schumacher 56 Woodsfield, Ohio 51 miles
Charlie Kozlesky 62 Westerville, Ohio 50 miles
Lori Michener 52 Woodsfield, Ohio 45 miles
Dick Sanders 64 Buffalo, NY 42 miles
Chris White 39 Bourboursville, WV 37 miles
Ruta Mazelis 55 Sherrodsville, Ohio 33 miles
Chris Benedict 29 Woodsfield, Ohio 30 miles
Mitch Toto 76 Belmont, Ohio 30 miles
Kurt Geveke 40 Huntington, WV 29 miles
Jaren Hupp   Woodsfield, Ohio 26 miles




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