1. Would be interesting to also see the DNF rate for the various distances as well. Those are the people that finished but those are not all the people who raced. So what may look like an average time is above average if you count the DNFs.

    • allanholtz on

      Typically 66% of starters finish 100-mile races. That percentage does vary race to race and year to year. The Barkley (an extreme exception I admit) has a 2% finish rate with a 60 hour limit. Then some people who DNF do so because they timed out at an aid station and some because for various reasons they chose to quit with time remaining on the clock. Both reasons for DNF apply in spades at the Barkley also. I know, I’ve DNFed there 4 times.

  2. Would really be interested in seeing the data, race times can vary by such a wide margin due to the elevation gain in races. At least we can use this as a gauge for the Shangri-La Marathon & Ultra http://shangri-la-marathon.com/ race this April. 8 to 10 hours cut off for 50k, but 18-hours for 100k might be to tight for some.