Mount St. Helens, WA

The Bigfoot 200 is the first ever point to point 200+ mile race in the United States. The Bigfoot 200 is completely original from start to finish. Runners will explore such varied terrain as the otherworldly Volcanic Mount St. Helens (erupted in 1980), long mountaintop ridge lines with stunning forest, mountain and lake views, deep old growth forests as green and thick as a rainforest, misty mountain tops, cross countless streams and rivers and finally a long ridge line with views of the most massive mountains in the Cascade Range and into Randle, WA on their way to completing this massive, life changing event. They might even see a Bigfoot or two… it’s been known to happen in these areas.

Runners will be well supported on their journey with 14 full aid stations. Participants will have 6 sleep stations along the journey and a light breakfast aid station at the start location at Marble Mountain Sno-Park. This is not a stage race. Runners will be timed from the start to the moment they cross the finish line. Time taken for sleeping counts toward a participant’s overall time. 

Upcoming Races

Aug 9 2024
200 Miles
43,100 44,872 ft.
Point-to-Point Course
14 Aid Stations
107:00 Cutoff
4 Elevation Rating
Very hilly, ~7500-12,500 feet in 50 miles
4 Surface Rating
Substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/11/23 140 2d 06:24:20 2d 10:21:12
08/12/22 135 2d 08:52:02 3d 03:45:37
08/13/21 111 2d 09:58:22 3d 04:15:57
08/07/20 Race Cancelled
08/09/19 105 2d 03:33:45 2d 18:43:45
08/10/18 111 2d 11:54:01 2d 20:31:52
08/11/17 78 2d 07:49:01 3d 00:22:09
08/12/16 47 2d 14:18:00 3d 09:12:00
08/07/15 59 2d 16:12:35 3d 01:28:42