Author Jason Friedman

Jason Friedman is a runner and an emergency medicine physician in upstate New York. He as worked as a coach at the high school and collegiate levels, has directed running camps, and has owned a running specialty store, and has provided medical care at the Western States 100, Manitou's Revenge ultra marathon, and the Survival of the Shawangunks triathlon. He has been racing ultras since 2006. He lives in New Paltz, NY with his wife, Jodi, and their daughters, Alexa and Dylan. You can follow Jason at his blog

Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings

The Gunksrunner Ultra Rankings arose, as most anything important does, out of a conversation on a training run several years ago. (By which I do not mean to imply that these rankings are in any way important.). We were discussing the USA Triathlon ranking system, by which any USAT member can receive a national ranking simply by finishing three races over the course of a year. And so the idea for the GUR was born: a comprehensive ranking of every finisher of every ultramarathon in the country.