Brett Rivers looks at the new SCOTT Kinabalu RC Shoe



How’s it going? Brett Rivers, San Francisco Running Company, here with UltraRunning magazine talking about some new shoes coming out in January and the spring of 2016.

I’m at the Scott booth. We had a lot of fun testing out the new Scott Kinabalu RC racing concepts is the line from Scott. This is really designed to be that lightweight fast trail racing shoe, so a little more minimal in feel, but still giving you good cushioning, still giving you the rocker underfoot that Scott is really known for and really pioneered in footwear, but then also giving you some added grip underneath, that fast road shoe feel, but with some added grip for a variety of trail surfaces.

Guys like Joe Gray have been running and racing in this, designed as that uptempo shoe that can climb, that can race fire roads, and kind of do everything. I think it’ll be a popular one for people that enjoy a lightweight shoe, but also want something that can handle a little bit of road, some trails, kind of be a lightweight one-shoe quiver option for them. Check out the Scott Kinabalu RC, in January, 2016, if you’re looking for that lightweight crossover option.


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