Ask Dr. Garrison: Training tips to improve your ultrarunning performance


This week we are happy to announce the first training video in a series taught by Michael Garrison. The goal of the video series is to help demonstrate some exercises that can be performed anywhere but will help build strength and endurance towards your next training goal. Michael will also try to answer as many training related questions he can handle in the comments below. We really hope you enjoy this series. Any and all feedback is encouraged!

Video Transcript:

Aloha, it’s Dr. Michael Garrison with UltraRunning Magazine and Hawaii Running Lab. One of the things that we’re going to try to do here with this web series is really work to give you guys just a few little pointers along the way, that can help make your journey to being ultra marathoner a little easier. If you have any questions or comments at all, just leave them in the comments section below, or you can reach out to me directly at

Little bit about myself, I have a bachelors degree in exercise science from the University of California at Davis, a Masters of Education in sport management from the University of Arkansas, and also a Ph.D in Kinesiology from the University of Arkansas. Also spent 10 years as an NCAA Division One track and field coach. As a runner myself, I started running when I was 12, I’m 46 now, so you can do the math on that one. I’m a sub three hour marathoner, I’m a sub 22 hour hundred mile finisher and I’ve got over 30 ultra finishes to my credit, and look forward to seeing you on the trails.


About Author

Michael’s background makes him a rare blend of avid runner, accomplished coach and passionate academic. He received his BS in Exercise Science from the University of California at Davis, his M.Ed. in Sports Management from the University of Arkansas and his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from the University of Arkansas. His Ph.D. dissertation, “Characteristics of Elite Female Collegiate Distance Runners with Respect to Selected Biomechanical and Physiological Factors,” can be found here or in print at the University of Arkansas Library. Michael has been a competitive runner for most of his life with over 10 marathon finishes and over 30 ultra marathon finishes. When he’s not coaching, you can find Michael running trail races on Oahu and in California.

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