Garden Valley, ID

It was bound to happen, and we are reviving the Wild Idaho Race. This will be on completely new trails departing from the original staging area at Silver Creek Plunge and encircling Deadwood Reservoir. Requirements for this strange classic ultramarathon:

1. Bib Numbers: Runners will create their own bib numbers. You may request a bib number when you register.
2. Course Markings: This will be a minimally-marked course, or the race director will mark it well. Excellent navigation skills at trail junctions will be important. If not, this may not be the race for you.
3. Volunteer Requirements: Each runner will need to supply a volunteer for the event. No volunteer, no event (this is kind of the way races work).
4. Drop Bags: Aid Station distance is a thing. Drop bags should only be filled with items you can be ok with not seeing again (Deadwood Reservoir is a 3+ hour long drive one way from the start/finish line).
5. Great Attitude: this is meant to be a low-key ultra. Good scenery, tons of miles, barbeque at the finish with trombone playing interspersed is what you'll get.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
06/27/20 Race Cancelled
08/01/15 10 10:25:00 13:31:00
07/26/14 14 9:31:44 8:45:26
08/03/13 17 9:24:22 11:17:00
08/04/12 26 9:32:34 13:23:59
08/06/11 12 9:37:21 17:11:40
08/07/10 12 11:17:00 15:42:00
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/01/15 21 6:03:00 6:04:00
07/26/14 28 4:44:45 6:48:58
08/03/13 26 5:13:21 7:07:40
08/04/12 28 5:50:35 7:15:21
08/06/11 27 6:30:15 7:08:06
08/07/10 16 6:14:00 7:24:00
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/06/11 8 27:37:42
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