Buena Vista, CO

With glorious views of the Collegiate Peaks and 4,000ft of ascent along the way, these 30 miles of buttery single track and forest roads in the heart of the valley are perfect for everyone from the first time 50k’er to the veteran trail runner.

Although the Arkansas Valley is famously known for its high alpine peaks, it’s a well kept secret that there’s a stash of arid, desert style trails just outside of Buena Vista (BEW-na Vista), CO.

Cue the West Line Winder!



Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/23/23 132 4:16:06 4:44:58
09/24/22 93 3:58:26 5:10:20
09/25/21 98 4:50:47 4:34:04

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