Austin, TX

We wanted to take people on adventure of sorts through our favorite parts of Texas. A few years ago I decided to leave my house with a backpack, my debit card and my phone to walk to Galveston. I wanted to walk to honor some of pediatric cancer angels but also to go on adventure. Along the way I had some amazing stories of just moving on my own 2 feet and figuring out on the go. And even today I can vividly remember who i saw, the stops along the way and the fun of moving 30 miles every day. 

So when I wanted to do this as an event I wanted to curate a bit of what you saw in Texas. No matter if you are a native or not I wanted you to see some of the amazing places and spaces that make this Texas. The food, the beer, the parks, the history and the love. 

Join the Trail Racing Over Texas for a 600K or 300K tour. It's a trip around the state of Texas, primarily covering the areas surrounding Austin, Gonzales, Bastrop and Houston. We are stopping at all things Texas including Texas State Parks, Torchy’s Tacos, Whataburger, Shiner Brewery, The Texas Independence Trail and Buc-ees!!


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