Issaquah, WA

The Tiger Claw Double is an extremely tough 50 mile adventure that completes the Tiger Claw course TWICE, once in each direction. Runners will first start with the traditional Green warm-up loop and have the option to complete all the Tiger Claw loops in the order of their choosing in the normal direction. Once complete with all loops (and thus having completed 1 full Tiger Claw distance), runners will then run all of the loops in the opposite direction in the order of their choosing. When all loops have been completed for the second time in the opposite direction, the runner will have completed the Tiger Claw Double - 50 miles with over 16,000ft of vert!

Upcoming Races

May 10 2024
50 KM
8,000 8,000 ft.
Multiple Loop Course
9:00 Cutoff
5 Elevation Rating
Mountainous, >12,500 feet in 50 miles
4 Surface Rating
Substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
05/13/23 124 4:53:17 5:34:22
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
05/13/23 13 9:39:45 12:24:49
05/14/22 21 8:30:45 13:34:05