Concord, NC

Start Time: Race will start at 8am. If you happen to run late and still want to start, we are fine with that. Please check in at the tent. Be aware that the race will still end at 6pm, regardless of when you start.  
Swag: You get to run on the trails. Water. Beer. (~2 Tecates)
Length: 3 Laps of the RRT trail. Lap is around 14 miles. Your gps could said it’s 10 miles or it could say it’s 16 miles. Don’t trust it.  
Elevation gain: ~3100’
Course Description: Consists almost entirely of single track through the woods and along Rocky River with a few ups and downs. Typical east coast trail: roots, rocks, snakes, poison ivy, bigfoot, etc., nudity is discouraged.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
07/29/23 16 7:03:56 6:50:50
07/30/22 12 7:20:00 9:11:00
07/31/21 15 7:33:00 8:17:00
07/25/20 12 6:54:00 8:07:00
07/27/19 9 7:37:00 7:39:00