This is definitely our fastest trail race and probably the fastest 100 mile trail race course in Canada.  The course is as close to flat as you will find and the trail is wide, groomed, and accessible.  All distances are run on an out-and-back course with plenty of aid stations along the way.  The scenery is quite nice and runs alongside conservation land, a golf course, farmers' fields, lush forests, ponds, creeks, and more.  For much of the race, there will be kilometre markers on the route.

This is a great opportunity to run a personal best or to try a new distance.  Also, since the rail trail intersects with country roads numerous times during the race, there are opportunities for family and friends to see you along the route.  Just remember, motorists must follow all of the rules of the road and can only stop in designated parking areas.  Also, runners cannot receive aid from family or friends outside of aid stations.  Moral support is encouraged but anything beyond that is not allowed.

-100 mile finishers will earn a SWEET belt buckle.  You can wear this with pride!

-100 km finishers will also earn a unique finisher's award.  100k is a long way to go!

-10k, 25k, 50k, and 50 mile finishers will all earn a really nice custom made finisher's medal.

All distances will have a 30hr cut-off.

Runners in the ultra-marathon distance events can carry a cell phone during the race.  You will likely have cell service for the entire event- make sure your battery is fully charged.

All runners will also receive a Foxtail Hundred Straw Hat.  Life is simply more fun when you're wearing a straw hat- that's a fact.  Hang around after the race in your new hat- you will get so much respect from everyone.  It may change your life.  These hats look especially cool if you have a belt buckle to go with it but that isn't mandatory.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/26/23 32 9:12:01 11:38:31
08/27/22 26 10:54:06 11:17:34
08/21/21 16 11:13:14 8:48:11
08/22/20 Race Cancelled
08/24/19 15 8:53:32 9:54:55
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/26/23 34 4:23:16 4:13:30
08/27/22 39 3:31:31 4:23:35
08/21/21 33 4:12:41 4:26:56
08/22/20 Race Cancelled
08/24/19 41 4:03:50 4:34:51
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/26/23 14 19:41:07 20:19:26
08/27/22 8 20:19:10 22:17:28
08/21/21 9 19:29:03 22:32:57
08/22/20 Race Cancelled
08/24/19 16 17:54:58 19:46:15
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/27/22 1 11:45:31
08/21/21 11 8:23:28 9:23:17
08/22/20 Race Cancelled
08/24/19 10 7:39:06 9:18:06

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