These activities on the Little Missouri National Grassland are authorized by the US Forest Service through a Special Use Permit and Operating Plan.

Welcome to the 6th Annual Badlands Trail Run on the famous Maah Daah Hey Trail. 

Due to the remoteness of the event, participants are required to carry a hydration pack or handheld water bottle while out on the course as well as supplemental nutrition. 

There is a 12 hour time limit for this event. If you are still running within an hour of sunset, you must have a headlamp with you to continue. 
Unlike events in the past, this event is a “DROP BAG” style race. All participants will be required to have three drop bags, one for the start/finish area (this could be your car) and two for the road crossings that are the designated “aid” stations. Water and electrolytes will be provided to you out on the course as well as at the start/finish area.
Runners travel UP the trail, you will come to the first road crossing/drop bag location at about mile 3ish (Road 728) and then at 7.95 miles (Road 725) you would turn around and return to Wannagan Campground. Based on using a really awesome section of trail, this is an out and back race. Here is basically how it works:

10k: You run to the first drop bag location and return. Your race is over.
Half Marathon: You run to the first drop bag location twice. Once you return on your second lap, you are done.
16 mile: You run the length of the course once. You hit both drop bag locations out on the course and then return to Wannagan Campground
Marathon: You run the full 7.95 mile once as well as the 3.3 miles to the first drop bag location. This gives you about 22.5 miles. You make up the remainder of the mileage with a short 1.85 miles back up the hill, turn around and come back to Wannagan Campground. 
50k: You run the full course twice. Second stop at Wannagan Campground and you are finished. 
50 Mile: You run the entire course 3 times with a short 1.15 mile out and back to get your 50 miles. That’s 4 times up the hill. 


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/14/21 Race Cancelled
08/11/18 9 6:18:24 7:21:32
08/12/17 8 6:02:47 6:57:15
08/13/16 10 7:52:58 6:35:18
08/08/15 7 5:38:35
08/09/14 14 4:44:08 7:41:25
Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
08/14/21 Race Cancelled
08/11/18 No Ultra Finishers
08/12/17 1 8:44:21
08/13/16 3 9:28:58
08/08/15 11 5:38:35 9:44:58
08/09/14 3 9:35:47

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