Nathrop, CO

A classic, high-alpine, vert-heavy Colorado 50k! Get some miles on the Colorado Trail and run all the way to 13,150' feet in elevation! Starting and finishing at the base of Mount Princeton, runners are treated to panoramic views of the Sawatch Range and the gorgeous Arkansas River Valley. The race runs in a large lollipop and is essentially one long 7000' foot climb and one long 7000' descent. The beginning and end have a mix of dirt and paved roads, but the middle is 25 miles of uninterrupted singletrack, including 12 miles on the Colorado Trail. Yet, despite the amount of vert this course is surprisingly runnable, especially for a runner with mountain experience. Add in the changing aspen leaves and the (usually) perfect fall weather and you've got yourself one hell of end-of-the-season race. As an added bonus, the course shares some similarities with the High Lonesome 100 course and is put on by the same folks at Freestone Endurance.

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Sep 29 2024
50 KM
7,000 7,000 ft.
Lollipop Course
10:00 Cutoff
3 Elevation Rating
Hilly, ~2500-7500 feet in 50 miles
3 Surface Rating
Some rocks, root, and/or ruts


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
09/24/23 121 5:45:39 5:42:42
09/25/22 80 5:10:32 6:05:41
09/26/21 68 5:37:36 5:29:46