Idyllwild, CA

Starting from Cowbell Alley, the first few miles will take you down dirt road and then up single track to the start of South Ridge trail. Switchback your way up the next 4 miles to the summit of Tahquitz peak. Fuel up at the aid station and make your way down through skunk cabbage meadows. Catch your breath at Saddle Junction at the next aid station and prepare to CLIMB as you make your way up to the revered San Jacinto peak. Enjoy the views as you wait for your legs to work again. From here is a steep descent down to Strawberry Junction. Fuel up again at the next aid station and make a 180 and follow the trail of tears back up to Tahquitz peak. Shed a final tear and shuffle your way back down South Ridge and a final bonus climb (you're welcome) to the finish. Come for pain, stay for the beauty. 

Course will be ~34 miles and 10,000ft of elevation gain


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
10/28/23 Race Cancelled
10/29/22 39 6:44:01 7:57:10
11/06/21 26 6:01:14 9:35:09