Moncks Corner, SC

The Revenge of Stede Bonnet is a trail race to remember the short pirate life of the “Gentleman Pirate”. Plundering ships along the Carolina Coast, Stede Bonnet was working towards the ideal pirate life until he teamed up with Edward Teach (Blackbeard!). This would prove to be his undoing and he ended up being captured and brought back to Charleston... tried and found guilty of two counts of piracy, poor Stede and 29 of his men were subsequently hanged near White Point Garden in Downtown Charleston, SC in 1718. 2018 marks the 300th Anniversary of the Blockade of Charleston and hanging of Stede and his boys...I am sure he is still a little bit upset over his death...hence the word “revenge” in the title of the race.

This trail is sure to test your will to live as you run in the dark (headlamps allowed) along Biggin Creek on the greatest trail in the Charleston area. In true “pirate form”, this event will utilize all of Biggin Creek Trail including all trails marked with the Devils’ Face and Skull and Crossbones. These are the nastiest sections of the trail with steep descents and steep climbs.  

As an added measure of fun, all participants are REQUIRED to come up with a pirate name and will be referred by such name for the duration of the event. Do not use any part of your actual name. What fun would that be? 

Finish your event and be awarded the gold pirates coin.


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
10/08/22 4 40 50
10/09/21 3 30 40
10/03/20 5 50 20
10/05/19 3 40 20
10/13/18 4 35 35

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