This is a USATF santcioned and insured event. This race is happening with approval and permission with the NYS DEC, Finger Lakes Trail Conference, Private Landowners, Toggenburg Mtn and the ADK-Onondaga trail chapter. We are very privileged to have this race happening and it would not be possible without the previously listed parties, so a huge thank you to all of them!

This race will be utilizing much of the Morgan Hill State Forest and will be run on the Finger Lakes Trail system. This race is called the Morgan Hill Meat Grinder because after you have completed the entire marathon course you may feel pretty ground up, but what you have accomplished with the hills, the mud, the roots, the rocks, the water crossings and whatever else you may encounter you have actually become the grinder and turned those trivial things into something that makes you stronger. 

We here at Salt City Trail Running are very very excited to be bringing you this event and will be looking forward to seeing you there on race day! Follow us on Facebook or ask on there if you would like a preview run of the course. 

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Sep 30 2023
50 Miles
8,397 8,397 ft.
4 Elevation Rating
Very hilly, ~7500-12,500 feet in 50 miles
4 Surface Rating
Substantial rocks, roots and/or ruts


Date Finishers Top Result (M) Top Result (F)
10/01/22 18 8:51:26 11:35:44
09/25/21 12 11:03:12 11:14:06